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  • In the stack of information beneath your username it says it. I though the symmetry of the numbers was very nice.
    It represents the number of times people have clicked 'this' on your posts.
    *Sorry for late response*
    Finally somebody else who understands what good music is! I love post rock. Best music genre of all time. :D
    It is pretty good, eh! I added the exclamation marks, 'cause it made it better I think. XD
    invert colors, turn into flashing gif, put WHAT over it and flip it upside down

    that'll be my next move
    Aww that sucks. I used to have an acoustic guitar and a violin, had to sell the violin before I could even play it because financial issues. But the guitar's neck got bent somehow so it was really awful-sounding and I couldn't play it. Buhh.
    that is better than awful |3

    I was gonna ask, lookin at your profile pic and all, do you happen to know how to play the violin? It's my favorite instrument :3c
    Stories about phantom regiment? Tellmetellmetellme :3c

    Also, I was implying suggestions, but i was joking anyways so
    C: kay we liked the words you said. =^_^=

    before we joined (true true we like many users DONT FIND IT KREEPY K?) please ;A;
    Aight nig. Ill check your youtube some time. I have to find a time to do it because my computers messed up and i can only get on in two of my classes in school. Anyway, Im puting up a video of me doing jazz bass guitar improv to a hiphop beat that I made. Ill hit you up when its on.
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