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  • I just like how the custom pony turned out ._.'

    i was out of hand-drawn sketchwolfs and i didn't love BTBAM as an avie, so blame the fact that i ran out of avies.
    I just found the comic the other night during what had been supposed to be an all-night TF2 binge but ended up being more "Cracked.com spree of death."

    It's a weird comic, which pretty much means that I like automatically.

    That one panel in particular made me grin. Couldn't really say why.
    Great! I just put together my gaming build, and it's ripped apart EVERYTHING i've thrown at it <3
    You know what ? That post in the Honesty thread did it. You're coming to my friend list and I'm not taking no for an answer :p
    (PS : nothing interesting happens when you add someone, so it'll all be very symbolic)
    But how will I stalk your music listenings now?
    You seem to have good taste though. I'll probably listen to that Mono thing sometime even if someone else replies first, since I've been meaning to listen to it but the one time that I did, I barely took it in, so I don't even remember it. The one Mono thing I remember listening to was some split with World's End Girlfriend which was pretty cool <: Anyway yes, ceasing talking now.
    lol same here...i can't record the drums because i don't have the necessary sounds in my set OR a mixer...
    and i couldn't play that guitar part at any rate...next time, i'm writing music that has my capability range. lol
    thnx. i'll make sure i do that, maybe i'll eventually get real instruments. i think your recordings are pretty classy yourself.
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