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    Can't login to forums on my computer???

    I put my username and password and the page does a small quirk refresh, but nothing changes. The button to login/signup is still there and I'm not signed in. :0 It can't be wrong password or anything because I can log in on my phone (it's what I'm on right now)
  2. daeofthepast

    Compliment the person above you!

    <3333 Did you draw your icon?? :3
  3. daeofthepast

    Greetings all !!

    Will you post your stuff on your FA?? :3
  4. daeofthepast

    Hi Everyone!!

    That's great!! :000 Hope to go to a Con one day
  5. daeofthepast

    Quick! Grab the object that is standing to the right of you! It will serve you as a weapon!

    You should totally set up traps and trip people X333
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  7. daeofthepast

    Compliment the person above you!

    There's a very fluffy and cute wolf above me :3
  8. daeofthepast

    Quick! Grab the object that is standing to the right of you! It will serve you as a weapon!

    There's a stool to my right haha that'd be so heavy to carry around and fight with X33 Would probably built up muscle tho!
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    what is your weirdest life story/moment

    Years ago, some guy walking into our garage(the door had been open cuz we were moving around some stuff) and into our backyard and looked like he was considering jumping our fence to another backyard before we found him :0 When asked why he was there, he said, "The door was open." My dad chased...
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    Hi Everyone!!

    Hi Solarstar :33 I've never gone to a Con, how was it?? :0
  11. daeofthepast

    Oh hecc waddup

    Hi mo! :33 I'm 20ish and learning how to use this site along with you haha X333 I like drawing too! What kind of stuff do you draw?? :3
  12. daeofthepast

    New and Nervous

    Same about the emails ;-; Disabling the option doesn't seem to help?? Kinda wish FA had an app like DeviantArt with it's notification system I really like it :0
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    Greetings all !!

    Ooh she looks cool! I'm liking the shark tail :333 Will you be coloring her??
  14. daeofthepast

    Greetings all !!

    I've been considering hair or no hair for mine too :0 I think I might be going with no hair for now X3 And sure! I've love to see :3