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Dakota fox (:

I am a historical war enthusiast who also loves HEMA and other European Martial arts.
And I Just So Happens that i am also a Bisexual Fuzzball.

My political beliefs are very conservative or very far right.
but i wont bug you if you believe differently, i can at least respect that you must be entitled to your opinion.

My religious beliefs are Lutheran Christian with some Celtic pagan and Old Norse beliefs added in.

My Favorite Song Is (The Pot And Kettle) By The Rumjacks, which are an Irish Celtic punk rock band based in Limerick.

I For The Most part Dislike The Sound Of Rap And Pop Culture Inspired Music Along With All The Ideas That Come With It, But I Have Somewhat Taken A Liking To Some Forms Of Electronic Dance Music Like (Ikson Paradise).

My Music Playlist Below\
Favorite Song The Pot And Kettle.
Other Good Songs-
www.youtube.com: Irish Rebel Song- The Foggy Dew
www.youtube.com: Irish Drinking Song- Rocky Road to Dublin
Mar 23, 2006 (Age: 16)
Grand Forks, North Dakota
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Dakota fox EG
fox-coyote hybrid
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