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    Why is this on FA?

    This was a troll, comment was removed.
  2. Damaratus

    So what's all this hubbub about FurNation?

    Paypal has issue with anything involving adult content. Any website that happens to host adult material and tries to use Paypal will inevitably be in danger of losing use of Paypal. It doesn't even have to be websites as some artists have also lost their accounts or been fined because the...
  3. Damaratus

    Animal testing, yes or no?

    There are already a very large number of control factors that are imposed upon any laboratory that wishes to perform animal testing (note: I'm speaking for U.S. laboratories, not for those abroad). These particular controls are designed to reduce the amount of pain and suffering that any animal...
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    Site Offline 4/19/09

    Site is back up.
  5. Damaratus

    Site Offline 4/19/09

    The main site has been taken offline to determine the cause of the site slowdown and the 502 errors.
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    Site Taken Offline 2-25-2009 11:48pm ET

    FurAffinity is preventively offline while we investigate a security vulnerability, but that we do not currently believe that the vulnerability was on the FurAffinity side. However, to contain possible damage, the site has been taken offline.
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    Comments...such hostility

    Unfortunately this thread leaves out a lot of the finer details about what had happened with this particular person. It's also kind of hypocritical because the one being "flamed" decided to flame someone else via a second account. Regardless, it wasn't that the image was merely a pose...
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    Complete Blocking Sytem

    I'm sorry, but complete blocking wouldn't get around the issue of someone creating new accounts. It just isn't going to happen this way.
  9. Damaratus

    Complete Blocking Sytem

    At this point in time I do not see this kind of thing being put in place. FA is still meant to be a community gallery and not fall into certain levels of exclusivity. While the OP's intent of having a "complete" blocking system is that she is bothered by a particular person and does not want...
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    your questions answered .50

    This is not the place for this kind of thing to happen. Black Market is for actual serious business transactions.
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    If you are getting whitescreens after submitting... (Now: default_old removed)

    Re: If you are getting whitescreens after submitting... This is precisely what has just happened.
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    Site Down 1-28-2009 7:00 PM EST

    And we're back.
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    Site Down 1-28-2009 7:00 PM EST

    Site is current down, the coders are currently trying to rectify things.
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    AUP content question

    There are no such restrictions on the site. While Fur Affinity is thematically a site for posting furry artwork, it is not exclusively furry. You can also read up on the AUP yourself http://www.furaffinity.net/lm/aup/ which should additionally clarify whether there's any particular...
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    Opinions On Fractal Artwork.

    Protecting your work from other sites is something that extends beyond the control of anything that FA has to offer, and in the end you'd have to take up the issue with the other site's administration. The current functionality of FA does not allow for what you are suggesting, and I'm not sure...