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  1. Dan.

    Is this really approproate for the front page?

    So wait, somebody has an avatar with the word 'fuck' in and we now have a 4 page discussion about it? Typical furry drama.
  2. Dan.

    becoming an anthropomorph

    Yesh, those were the kind of ones I meant, maybe a full bodysuit one but that's the general style of what I was referring to.
  3. Dan.

    becoming an anthropomorph

    /lolfurries, Seriously though, I suppose the nearest you can currently get is a really realistic looking fursuit, and they can cost thousands, it's probably just best to keep it to your imagination....
  4. Dan.

    London hit by riots/unrest/looting.

    We've been on the verge of some major rioting for quite some time, what with all these cuts and everything...
  5. Dan.

    Human Centipede 2 Already Banned In UK

    Can somebody please enlighten me as to how anyone could find this entertaining and want to watch it?
  6. Dan.

    What would you do if you were suddenly paraplegic?

    I'd invent a new sport called wheelchair swimming...
  7. Dan.

    What would you do if you found out you were a clone and not the original?

    Good God one of me is enough in this world, I would have to hunt him down, then slowly creep up behind him and then think 'Wait why in the hell would somebody clone me.' Then I would probably go insane and spend the rest of my life trying to figure out why I was put on this earth.
  8. Dan.

    Royal wedding happening right now

    I honestly couldn't have cared less about the wedding and neither could anyone I know, people get married all the time, not something special. Oh wait, because we still have a monarchy which is horrendously outdated and not many other civilised countries in the world have one, these people are...
  9. Dan.

    what are your biggest pet peeves from road users/pedestrians?

    Car drivers who open doors without looking when you're cycling and then you get a face full of blood and door, it's not fun, trust me.... Also my brother did that when a guy on a motorbike was coming up on the inside, he was okay though... [EDIT] Also Cyclists who ride on the road when there is...
  10. Dan.

    The japan earthquake

    At least they're quite well prepared, but still, holy shit. I hope most people are okay, seeing the images on the news though it looks like a massive death toll. [EDIT] Don't think this is quite the thread nor the time for a 'OMG 300th post' comment, sorry guys.
  11. Dan.

    Any Furs still play Burnout Paradise?

    Sometimes I do, !00% Elite after doing that annoying as hell Stunt Run.,I was back in the glory days when it was first released, rank 13 in the world ( Totally not bragging ). It's a good game, buck like all of them if you play it too much it gets boring and you lose interest, still play...
  12. Dan.

    Places with dirty names near you

  13. Dan.

    Secrets you've never told anyone

    This shall be interesting, As for myself I don't have any secrets.
  14. Dan.

    I have a confession to make, Furry Fandom...

    I actually know where Watership Down is, anyway. I've seen the film and I have the book lying around somewhere. It's pretty violent for a supposed kids film, especially the part with dogs at the end.
  15. Dan.

    Weird things that happened in video games

    If you want to be real creative, get the Nissan Prototype on Spa Francorchamps and on the chicane at the end of the really long straight, crash into the middle bit of grass, and you will go absolutely flying!