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  1. Danji

    It's been awhile, showing some new pieces

    The first one is a digital piece and the second one is an acrylic painting on canvas ^^ And lol I have such different processes for painting traditionally to digitally thankfully I don't get the command z compulsion XD Just keep challenging yourself and try new things!
  2. Danji

    It's been awhile, showing some new pieces

    Thank you! <3 Yep! it's an acrylic painting on a decent sized canvas X3
  3. Danji

    First fursuit creation(s)

    Thank you! <3
  4. Danji

    First fursuit creation(s)

    Yupyup! FA: Userpage of danji-isthmus -- Fur Affinity [dot] net
  5. Danji

    It's been awhile, showing some new pieces

    I haven't been on the forums in what seems like years! Hope it's okay to post some of my current work :) | Click on the images to see them closer! I have more posted to my FA and Facebook Page FA: http://www.furaffinity.net/user/danji-isthmus/ FB Page: www.facebook.com: The Art of Danji...
  6. Danji

    First fursuit creation(s)

    Pretty happy with how my firsts are coming out :) The tiger is going to be made into a partial that I'm going to sell at BLFC and the bear is a personal character! To see progress of my work or to see commission openings check out my facebook page! Much love www.facebook.com: Fursuits of/by...
  7. Danji

    Halloween Commissions - Segmented Series

    Price: $10 Examples: Click the images for the full view! I'm taking unlimited slots for these until Halloween. No matter how detailed the character is it will always be $10! Either note me on FA, send me a PM here or comment to claim a slot! These are done in the order of who pays first...
  8. Danji

    Speedpaint Commissions Open!

    Original Journal: http://www.furaffinity.net/journal/1706814/ Heya! I've been doing these speedpaint images and they are really fun! So I'm opening a few slots $25 For up to 2 characters with a simple background of my choice Rating: g-pg13 Extras: Add detailed background +$10 Adult art...
  9. Danji

    Hot damn, bookmark sale!

    You guys should totally get some bookmarks from this crazy ladeh! I love mine. They're amazin =3
  10. Danji

    Free Pin-ups Anyone?

    Harhar I can't tell if I'm too late so I'll throw myself in. <3 No prob if I missed it though XD Fill out the form: Sona name: Danji Sex: Female Body type: not skinny, but not fat XD Ref: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/4071862/ (Her stripes are random, so do not feel like you have to get the...
  11. Danji

    $20 themes/roulette commissions open(money for moving!)

    I'm doing roulette and themed commissions to help me pay for moving 83 Only $20! For an extra $5 you can get one of my characters doing something with your character. G-XXX rating. IF WITH DANJI G-PG13 (nudity is okay, no explicit material aside from with people I trust) Danji...
  12. Danji

    Name yer own price grunge murder badges (GORE INSIDE BEWARE)

    For Kaze-the-fox <3 Also fyi. His is more detailed because he paid more =3
  13. Danji

    Clay workers

    I can also suggest http://www.furaffinity.net/user/justindzs/. He does some really awesome figurines. I dunno if he's open for commissions right now but he puts an amazing amount of detail into his works
  14. Danji

    Name yer own price grunge murder badges (GORE INSIDE BEWARE)

    Thank you =3 Did you get the note I sent back?