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  1. Dark Eros

    (Adopt/Character) Selling: Saberdragon $50USD OBO

    Selling an adoptable I purchased - called a Saberdragon. He's an interesting brute that has both draconic and sabertooth tiger features. By Grimora (bases by Amarian), this unique creature can be yours for $50USD, or your best reasonable offer (I'm not going to take $10, for example). I'm...
  2. Dark Eros

    First ever rp group

    Alrighty then - think my preference is here, but maybe I need to check discord out. As long as the storyline can incorporate my character, we're good. :-) I'll play my Thel, which is a bipedal dragon / feline / hoof-thinged chimera - or my dragon.
  3. Dark Eros

    First ever rp group

    Might be interested, depending on the RP story line / framework. I don't have discord.
  4. Dark Eros

    Looking for a serious strongly story based rp that involves dragons and transformation. (sfw or nsfw

    If you're still looking, drop me a note. I usually RP a dragon, so there's your tie in - one dragon helping another become acclimatized to the transformation.