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    Mirror's Edge vs. GOW2

    Gears 2. Mirror's Edge was boring, full of glitches, short, too much trial and error, free running doesn't work in 1st person in a VG and it looked awful.
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    Best rpg games ever! name your top 3!

    1: Fallout 3 2: Fable 2 3: Diablo 2 Diablo 3 may make it on there if Blizzard manage not to fuck it up too badly.
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    Gears 2

    I have the Lancer on order. UK ed so it comes in gold.
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    Watch as how Cartoon Network ruin our beloved cartoon characters! (MMORPG)

    They ripped of Bleedman http://bleedman.deviantart.com/art/cartoon-character-chart-10727547
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    Come all come all, you won't believe your eyes! (56k? No!)

    I see a massive difference in the quality of shading and depth. The extra power is needed to run particle effects and intense lighting that Fallout 3 will use. Not to mention much better AI, bullet trajectory and an incredibly realistic rag doll system.
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    Second Life: Role call!

    Absintine Ansar. I joined up a few days ago and I'm lost, confused and broke. Come find me if you're willing to give me a hand , I'm on between 9pm and 12pm GMT in Rocket City Furmeet.
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    I have just over 17000
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    Grand Theft Auto IV

    If you've meet the random stranger called Eddie, he has a page on Blogsnobs.org too: Eddielowfilthslayer. I just found "Furries bored of doggie style" on www.our-own-reality.com which made me laugh.
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    Grand Theft Auto IV

    That's just the core story missions there's lots more than just that.
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    Random tales from GTA IV

    On the mission where you chase the guy up the building and across the roofs I missed one of the jumps. Somehow I managed to roll between several outcroppings and survive the 84 ft. drop
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    Grand Theft Auto IV

    The auto-aiming is driving me mad. Here's a free tip Rockstar "The aim button should lock on to the nearest hostile NPC and the camera should track them, free aim should be on a different button. And while driving I don't need to reverse half as much as I need to shoot so why have you put the...
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    Star Wars: The Force Unleashed

    Looks better every time I see it.
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    Xenomorphs are back in town...*face hugged*

    Really? God damnit I got my hopes up then. :(
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    Global Call of Duty 4 Gamertags list

    Is it just me or are we all using the wolf gamertag pic on xbox live. Anyway I set my clan tag to FA as well hope to see you around.
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    Xenomorphs are back in town...*face hugged*

    About time they finished this game, I heard about A:CM about four years ago it was going to be PC exclusive and from the screen shots I saw it looks scary as hell.