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  1. darkemberwolf430

    Bunny looking for a NSFW roleplay partner M/M (18+)

    Hello bunny my telegram is Dark Ember Wolf and if you can't add me by that my number is 610-840-4049 let me know if you're down for a pokemon rp and it could be NSFW
  2. darkemberwolf430

    Looking for NSFW Pokemon rp

    I have no problem to do it here just send me a dm so we can get to know each other better
  3. darkemberwolf430

    Looking for NSFW Pokemon rp

    Hello all furs my name is Dark and I'm looking for a rp partner that is willing to do a trainer/Pokemon NSFW role-play. I'm looking for someone to at the part of a talking Pokemon that the trainer and Pokemon end up falling in love with each other. I would like to do the rp on messenger but we...
  4. darkemberwolf430

    Looking for 1x1 RP Story And NSFW

    Message me if you're still looking for a partner I have some ideas we could throw around also if ya want
  5. darkemberwolf430

    Name the worst fear of the user above

    Losing all your fur
  6. darkemberwolf430

    Bunny boy looking for RP partner~! 18+ Gay~!

    Hey led add me I'm Dark Ember Wolf
  7. darkemberwolf430

    A good evening to you all!

    Peaches fresh off the tree
  8. darkemberwolf430

    Not sure where this would go but check description

    Hello I'm dark I'm a thirty year old single bi wolf in pa and I'm looking for a friend. I'm a anime lover and love to just cuddle up reading a good book next to that special someone my body is making it so I cant really work anymore. I don't really have any friends so making more would be...
  9. darkemberwolf430

    Lonely wolf looking for friend

    My family used to go to an orchard to pick them but I dont think it'll happen anymore my grandfather passed away yesterday
  10. darkemberwolf430

    The user above you pushes a button, what does it do?

    Drops you into a huge pile of catnip
  11. darkemberwolf430

    Lonely wolf looking for friend

    Fresh off the tree for me
  12. darkemberwolf430

    Lonely wolf looking for friend

    I have a wolf sona, a snow leopard, a fox, and a dragon
  13. darkemberwolf430

    RP Partners and Possible Ships (NSFW!) ❤

    Hello I tried to see your characters but berry wont show it says invalid character but I'd like to chat if you want my telegram is darkemberwolf and my discord is Dark Ember Wolf #1742
  14. darkemberwolf430

    Giant Pokemon RP

    Dark Ember Wolf#1742