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    403 forbidden???

    I can't access /? You anti-foreslashists! How dare you deny me access to the holiest of all... uhm... ASCII symbols!
  2. Darkmark

    Why was the human drawing thread closed?

    You don't need to be a furry to see that there are things wrong with the world. Go to a University and ask a Sociology student, or professor. Far as I can tell, Sociology is all about finding, understanding, and reasoning about the many problems of the world and society as we know it. Or go...
  3. Darkmark

    Downtime as of Feb. 21st

    I think FA should change its motto from "Where freedom of expression reigns" to "If anything can go wrong, it will". (Murphy's Law)
  4. Darkmark

    Can you even draw human beings anymore

    Some of the people on FurAffinity have probably realised that humans are the cause of all the suffering and destruction on Earth. Why would they want to draw them?
  5. Darkmark

    DA is up for sale

    Like I care who owns it. Admin changes don't affect me, I just have a place to show off my stuff, get constructive critiscism, and find other artist with similar tastes. All a buy-out will do is change the banners on the site. It's one of the biggest art server sites out there, and while...
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    Ah, I remember the old FA with google ads. They were inconspicuous and not too bad. Like you say, the site costs money and the bills have to be paid. I'd personally love to help gouge Google for all the money I could, but any ad that doesn't scream "WHAAAT?!?" or "SAY SOMETHING!!!!11" is fine...
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    Online Users

    The more amusing thing is how I keep getting "High server load" messages when the "Server Load:" thing at the bottom of each page is under 3% whenever I look at it.
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    I'd probably leave, not for "OMG TRAITORZ", but more along the lines of I have enough freaking art server accounts as it is. It's just that FA is the only one that allows porn AND has an actual comment system.
  9. Darkmark

    Protecting from art theft: Watermarking

    I put a signature off in the corner of the picture somewhere. But a lot of my pictures are collaborations, so I need to put the other artists' signatures on there as well. Putting it across a picture just plain ruins it.
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    The first FA had an alphabetical user list. One idea might be a user search of some kind with fields such as "At least _ submissions" to avoid finding people who just +watch and +fav. Also, I don't know if wildcard searching (using * before and/or after a word) is supported, but a single line...
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    In the veritable plethora of categories, there isn't anything for Tutorials. Put one there plz :D
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    Clearing out fixed problems from this thread might be a good start, I haven't got the time to read through 10 pages of suggestions and stuff. 1) There are TOO MANY CATEGORIES. Some of them are ambiguous and more than one can apply to a given submission. 2) When doing a search, have a...
  13. Darkmark

    Canadians on FA?

    Greetings from Ontario, earthling!