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    Califur: Who Wants To Make A Furry Movie?

    I had wrote part of a furry movie a long time back. It was a comedy but I lost steam on finishing the script. As I'm not actually a furry, but been involved periodically in the fandom for a long time, I was pretty sure it wouldn't go over well and I couldn't figure out the basics on funding it...
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    Perceptions of the fandom from non-furrys positive or negative

    Well I'd added the qualifier in my sentence "more" when saying "overwhelmingly more about sex" rather then saying it's "overwhelmingly about sex" for a reason. "Overwhelmingly about sex" would change the meaning to a deeper concentration about sex then I think it deserves. Btw, good luck on...
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    Perceptions of the fandom from non-furrys positive or negative

    There's a difference between the voyeuristic tendencies of porn in fandoms such as anime, and the use of a fandom to create one's self identity through it. Although there's a few people that take it a step further then just being a fan of say Naruto and base their lifestyle on the concept that...
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    Perceptions of the fandom from non-furrys positive or negative

    As someone that has been around the fandom for decades I would say it's a mix of both positive and negative for the fandom. I've drawn anthro art and created various anthropomorphic stories since I was little. I didn't know that there was a furry fandom until some one mentioned one of my early...
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    Greetings and salutations my little darlings

    I'm not exactly a newcomer to FA, however I've been away for a long time. I've always like aspects of the furry fandom and at a time I found a home for a lot of my anthropomorphic art here on FA. Then there was a great dramagedon and I got tired of it so I left and only kept minor contact with...
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    What do you do to battle depression?

    I except it. My life is crap, I'm in poverty, I've always been alone, and nothing I have ever done had changed any of it. To be honest my life has always been horrible, and most likely it will continue to be so no matter what I try. So I except it. I have substantial reasons to always be...
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    FA Project: UI Overhaul

    ability to disable user page comments and comments on submissions.
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    Been a long time since I've posted. I was checking out the submission options for artwork and didn't see an option to disable comments on the artwork and like to make that a suggestion.
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    Printing Help

    I just stopped going to those places and am in the process of ordering a large Epson and a small HP copy/scan/fax. I ends up costing a lot less per print and I know enough to maintain the printer if it ever needs maintance.
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    The Official "FA is down and I need to make a post about it!" Thread

    Re: Ugh, again? LMAO! First time I visit FA in like forever and the server goes down 2 minutes after I go on. HAHAHAHAHA ah, the memmories.
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    in my pants game

    1) Haunted in my pants. 2) Another Return in my pants. 3) Enlightenment in my pants. lol 4) The Damage in my pants. 5) Fingertips in my pants. 6) Don't Pretend in my pants. 7) The Hand of Death in my pants. :shock: those were the best ones in the first 15 songs.
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    what do you think about this?i will tell him what you say.

    Tell him you'll think over what he's saying when you're Yiffing him mom.
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    The source of fear in horror movies...?

    I really don't find horror movies scary, in fact it's the opposite. They're rather pleasant to watch if they are well made. A darker story is far more compelling then the normal happy endings that get forced down everyone's throats in mainstream US movies. There's a beauty in destruction that...
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    I want to draw EVERYTHING

    You need to regulate your time better. If you have projects for school figure (the number might change depending on the project and the time to do it in) say 4 hours a day that need to be spend on that project. Then if you only do 3 hours, the next day you have to do 5 since one hour got pulled...
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    Laminates are meant to be perminate. They can't be removed with out damage, at least with most laminations. If you want to preserve something use acid free mats. If you want it on a stiffer backing that helps protect it from damage you can use what is called a Speed Mount process and it is...