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  1. DarkoKavinsky

    Steve Irwin legacy vs. PETA

    Why stop at burgers? Hmmm Texas bbq
  2. DarkoKavinsky

    Nvm life’s kicking in my teeth..,

    Nvm life’s kicking in my teeth..,
  3. DarkoKavinsky

    Gun chat

    Or stairs, ladders, showers, cars, power tools. If you’re an idiot with anything chances are it can and will hurt you, or if fate decides to give the finger to you.
  4. DarkoKavinsky

    *drops from the rafters*

    *drops from the rafters*
  5. DarkoKavinsky

    Life’s turned around.

    Life’s turned around.
  6. DarkoKavinsky

    You have?! 0_o

    You have?! 0_o
  7. DarkoKavinsky

    Which country do you think is the most romantic?

    Finland their word for sweetheart literally means "I hate you the least" <3
  8. DarkoKavinsky

    Snuggle Inn discord server

    Y'all need odin.
  9. DarkoKavinsky

    Fallout 76, and the flop it made

    never played CoD. I played Warcraft 3 which might explain why I'm such a snarky asshole, and why I can type so fast.
  10. DarkoKavinsky

    What's your preferred difficulty setting?

    Usually I don't touch it. But I have a tendency to drop the difficulty if I'm not having fun or if something is getting to the point of nipple twisting annoying. I play games for fun, not have masochistic tendencies!