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  1. Darth-Dukes

    $5 Headshots!

  2. Darth-Dukes

    $5 Headshots!

    Don't really think my art is worth that much yet, but it's the minimum. I'm taking 3 slots for headshots! You choose transparent or simple background. Will be done within 24 hours of acceptance! Payment will be through Paypal. Examples (in order from oldest to most recent):
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    Hello, hello!

  4. Darth-Dukes

    My 'sona, what do you think?

    The green is extremely bright. Neon green is blindingly bright for a lot of people.
  5. Darth-Dukes

    My 'sona, what do you think?

    Cute! A bit hard on the eyes, though.
  6. Darth-Dukes

    Lost account/everything

    You don't remember your friends' username?
  7. Darth-Dukes

    Just wanted to say your fursona is absolutely adorable! <3

    Just wanted to say your fursona is absolutely adorable! <3
  8. Darth-Dukes

    What made you choose your fursona? How does it suit you?

    My fursona was unplanned. I originally had a golden tiger fursona, Kelcie, and I was coloring her in on this base. Then I decided to make a cow adopt on that base, subconsciously adding pieces of myself to it. When I finished it I realized that she was more deserving of the fursona title than...
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    Is the furry fandom generally accepting of non-binary people?

    I think the first gender box is the one you sign up with which I'm thinking might be private, and the second one is the public one? Not sure. I just put transgender, because that's technically what I am. So what you're saying is; if you're female and someone chooses to repeatedly call you male...
  10. Darth-Dukes

    Is the furry fandom generally accepting of non-binary people?

    The furry community is a very diverse bunch. You'll just fit right in with the rest of us! (Side note: Just recently told my husband that I am genderflux and thankfully he was completely okay with it!)
  11. Darth-Dukes

    Kinda New

    Welcome!! Who doesn't love unhealthy food? Also, I prefer taking naps every day, not just on weekends.
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    The birthing grounds, custom character creation! free/trade

    Not sure if these are still open, but.. gender:male species:rottweiler three wishes: muscular very masculine tattoo(s)
  13. Darth-Dukes

    Help Renaming Sona

    I do have a last name for her, actually. It's Dalton.
  14. Darth-Dukes

    What have you submitted to FA recently?

    Gift art for someone www.furaffinity.net: Gift Art:Xabi by Darth-Dukes