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  1. darzoz

    So hey look at this piece of crap...

    Certenly doesn't look like the worst... Certenly not the best.. Definantly not going to watch it unless i some how end up at a 6 year olds house who happens to have the movie and they're watching it at the time, or for some reason my parants get it. >_> (they would do that, wouldn't they?)...
  2. darzoz

    Confession of an Atypical "Furry"

    I simply don't try to stand out... So I wouldn't say I stand out in any way..
  3. darzoz

    If James Bond was a furry what species would he be?

    I'm gonna' have to go with a weasel, just seems fitting to me... Then again the only thing I've ever realy seen of a James Bond movie was like the first 15 minuts of the first movie. :|
  4. darzoz

    Anthros or people?

    Wheres the answer for both?
  5. darzoz

    Plushies/Stuffed Animals

    I've got this one cat plushie thing, and this other webkinz (or however it's spelt) cat, and a wabafet plushie, and a rayquaza plushie, and latios and latias plushies, and a buneary plushie, and a suitcase cramed full of beanie babies I got when I was a kid, got like one each year untill I was 9...
  6. darzoz

    Question about where to post stuff?

    Okay, no idea if it's agains the rules. But is there some where I can advertise an idie game, I need feedback on it, and have no idea if theres any where on these forums specified for that soart of thing.. Or if I just need to use the Off Topic section... Riiiight. >_>
  7. darzoz

    Are all furries this disgusting...?

    My showers are usualy 30 to 45 minuts. >_>
  8. darzoz

    Are all furries this disgusting...?

    I'm disturbed now. O_e The only thing out of your list that I don't always do is brush my teath every day. Some times I just fall asleep and totally forget. Not very often though, not very often at all. What you discribed, all of it, is ewww.....
  9. darzoz

    Why is it?

    Have you ever thought that maybe th fandom just atracts open minded people?
  10. darzoz

    30 Rock and "Plushies"

    I was wondering when some one would post a topic about this. Just another faild mis-interpritation of the fandom. EDIT: That scene in that episode made me *FacePalm*
  11. darzoz

    Why is your species the best?

    Because in my awesome search for cat pictures i stumbled apon the epic margay.
  12. darzoz

    Your Furry song.

    I don't have a furry related song, but I do have a theme song picked out for me by my friends because of my name.
  13. darzoz

    What character brought you into the furry fandom?

    Pokemon, sonic, renamon, red wall, ect.
  14. darzoz

    Do you have any "furry habits" IRL?

    I tend to walk on my toes. And once this truck passed by when I was walking down the street and a dog in the back barked at me, I quickly turned to it and hissed.. No intention to though.
  15. darzoz

    Sexually Confused

    Wouldn't that just be masturbation?