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    R.I.P: Jack Layton (NDP) (1950-2011)

    Yeah, I have to say the sting of this news is significantly lessened by the fact that I found out on FREAKING FETLIFE (seriously). Still though. Not good for the left-wing.
  2. Dass

    How hot do fursuits actually get?

    Yeah, been interested in fursuits for a while now. I've done a fair amount of research on the topic, I've been thinking I probably want to get one eventually, but this is something I haven't been able to find an answer for. So if I could... get a note of comparison or... rough estimate in...
  3. Dass

    How long did it take?

    The time between me hearing about furries and identifying as one was about... five minutes. Just read the wikipedia page when I came across the term and didn't know what it meant, seemed fairly interesting. It's been about a year and a half now.
  4. Dass

    What do you hate about the furry fandom?

    Those hypocrites that are all holier than thou about how people go about the fandom. I mean fuck's sake, so some people like sex with it, it's no skin off your nose! And this should be the LAST place I should have to worry about that kind of thing! (side-note; society's attitude toward sex in...
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    Furries and depression.

    "Presently depressed" and "joined then became depressed" aren't options. Both apply to me. I'm pretty sure it's completely unrelated, though. Mother's side apparently has a history with depression. That plus having Asperger's probably doesn't help. It's self-diagnosed at this stage, but my mom's...
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    Shit like this is why you have no right to whine about people hating you.

    Attaman, alright, touché, don't even agree with myself anymore, point aborted. Now allow me to raise a completely different one! All walks of life are going to have a few sexually fixated deviants in them, we seem to attract more than usual because we're at best loosely organized and fewer...
  7. Dass

    If you had to pick a different species...

    I don't really have one, so this barely applies to me, but I'll answer anyway. Coyote. They're like wolves, except brown and with bigger tails and closer to my personality (prefer to work alone, a bit nervous of taking on larger tasks, not really nervous around others so much as shy, etc.)
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    Shit like this is why you have no right to whine about people hating you.

    NOTE; the following is only here to preserve this post. This no longer reflects the author's opinion. Oh, look, it's something like the 4179th version of this thread. I'm not about to sit here, lie through my teeth, and say it's not sexual. What I am going to say is that the people who...
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    How are YOU going to survive your next year of school?

    The 2 spares I didn't have last year and having dropped my worst subject (French) should help. Jesus Christ, though, half of my classes are going to be math.
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    Confessions Thread

    I'm a bit phobic of promoting stereotypes. This has other ramifications relevant in the context of this website which I'm not telling you about, but is probably exactly what you're thinking.
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    Out of every thing in the world what do you hate the most

    Good luck finding something to back that claim up. On topic: nationalists (regardless of nationality).
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    School Performance

    Never failed anything, average normally in the mid-70s (B, maybe), I'm pretty sure I've had an A in every math class I've ever taken without studying. Falling behind a bit due to an inability to take it seriously. In fact I should really be working on my English assignment right now. Still had a...
  13. Dass

    Furries and YIFF

    I hate the association a bit, but I'm pretty sure it's just a phobia of conforming to stereotypes.
  14. Dass

    If you could move to any country other than your own where would you go?

    Yeah, it's like the best colour model there is. So much better than CMYK.
  15. Dass

    If you could move to any country other than your own where would you go?

    Aww, I'm the only one who likes GBR.