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    Pending outage - 16th September - 6.30pm EDT

    Downtime of 30 to 60 minutes, for maintenance, on the 16th of September, this will happen around 6.30 pm Eastern Daylight Saving Time.
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    Non-User Created 3D Models and Content - Allowed?

    http://forums.furaffinity.net/showthread.php?t=9509&highlight=Poser Last year that was. Poser/DAZ etc was specifically given an exemption. Up till now, as he said, so did it be. Now, this has been re-evaluated. Submissions made with renderers will covered by the screenshot/video/multimedia...
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    Offensive Avatars

    If you go here: http://www.furaffinity.net/controls/site-settings/ you can turn off avatars. Then you will just see the default paintpot one for everyone.
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    Wanted: Escape to New York

    I think it might have been self-published, otherwise Yarf & Furrrlough published by their respective publishers, but I've looked around for the copies of Yarf and Furlough and only the issues with part 4 of Escape to New York seem to be availibe, so little joy theire. P.S I will be prepared to...
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    Wanted: Escape to New York

    Anyone have a copy of this & willing to part with it, for some suitable recompense? Or else the appropriate issues of Yarf & Furrlough? (pref. the comic though) I've got the City of Ice 1 to 5, Jet 2350 & Blacklight, but I want to read this before I read Blacklight. D: Send me a PM about...
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    FAP gone???

    If you had submissions there, you can go here: http://www.furryartpile.com/artists.php to retrieve them. & you can download your +Fav's from there, here: http://www.furryartpile.com/connoisseurs.php The message which was left to explain why FAP has closed was thus: http://www.furryartpile.com/
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    My Question.

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    What is Terragen (and why it should be allowed in FA)

    The cornerstone of the Furaffinity acceptable upload policy is this: "if you didn’t create it or if it wasn’t created specifically for you (gift/commission) then the Submission can not be posted." http://www.furaffinity.net/lm/aup/ In this case, the part of most relevance is "by...
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    Orange names?

    That thread was locked, but they also spammed several different forums on here with obvious spam & in one case, pictures of goatse and Tubgirl. Thus the ban and moderation.
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    Orange names?

    Means they're on moderation. Their posts have to be approved before they are visible. A few people have been put on moderation for spamming the forums and one person was banned for spamming with NSFW images.
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    Site Activity Question

    There is a "users currently online" stat, visible to admins, At time of posting, it's at 145. It usually seems to be around that kind of level, 120 to 180 ish, but often drops below 100 on Sundays it seems. It can vary by as much as 40 people in a refresh from what I've seen. I don't have...
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    submissions delete

    Yes. It is possible. Make sure that you want to do it for definite, since once it's gone. It's gone forever. I'll send you a note on the main-site to confirm that you want it done.
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    Sticky a thread.

    This has been done.
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    Is there a way?

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    Sticky a thread.

    I can sticky threads yes. Is there a thread that you wish such? You can also ask Blade, Rhainor, Arshes Nei too. The forums are mostly in their charge.