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  • hello DrawingFox! sorry I'm so late to getting back to this my internet was down for a long time. I chose to make a glaceon because glaceon always seemed elegant to me. It's hard deciding on what to make a fursuit of especially when it comes to pokemon because there's just so many to chose from, but. making them is hard to because depending on how accurate you want them to be. I had to look up the skeletal structure of a creature similar to the one I was making. I'm still very new when it comes to making fursuits so I'm not sure how good my advice is, but here's what I did for mine. I researched and studied the anatomy of the creature I wanted to make, for my glaceon I researched a fox head and for my red panda I used a Red panda, a bear, and a cat.

    as I said before I'm still new to the fursuit making myself so I can't be sure how well my advice is..
    I hope i didn't put you off! I am just tired. Day job takes a lot out of me.
    Hello there! yes I write! On the main page is the only dark story I have ever written you can read the first two chapters of "Tales of the all Father" or the Origin I wrote for the Falaffel.
    Otherwise you would have to go to Amazon/kindle and no you don't need a kindle any pc can get them. I would only recomend Shielah of Earth for now. The other two suffered from a format issue between the kindle format and the one I wrote them in. the art work is good in them but the writing part skips lines and breakes scentences. I am Doggywolf67 on the main page. As far as what is original, well I have read thousands of books in my life but there is always a chance that something that is original to the author is still similar to something else.
    there is a thread for writers please join if you like.
    I normally tell people who denote themselves as artists to check out the Art Shack. It's were art-centric topics are normally discussed on FAF, usually by our local artists. I personally don't use it much, but I have my own ways of learning. That and I don't draw too often.

    And, your welcome.
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