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  • I believe Im a much different person now, for better of for worse. Though my kindness and patience for others remains the same.
    The love you get from art only harms you if you desire. Otherwise, it never leaves your side
    Always remember, everyone, you are talking to someone on the other side of that monitor. Be tactful, otherwise expect bad things
    Ok I'll admit, the last part about gaming I lost were you were going haha.

    But I don't see how you could like the predictable life style. But I guess if you like it you like it. My life doesn't realy have a lot of unpredictability, but it does have a lot of excitement, and well I guess a decent amount of unpredictability haha.
    Wow. That's an awesome persona. So your basically the knock off version of something much more powerful. But to everyone else you are very powerful. And you took a dragon as a physical form. Did I understand correctly? That actually sounds somewhat like something, some one I used to know said.

    And everyday there is something new with me haha. Just as of today though, worked on a fourwheeler to get it closer to done, did a couple drifts, and just had fun. Thanks for asking :)
    Well got to admit, did not expect to find a Dragon/nightmareish distortion based on your avatar. Nice. And got to admit, actually pretty cool.

    So, what's up?
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