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    Site Outage?

    yup... its no use :( i get full timeouts. wuts goin on?
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    FA - Site Quirks

    This, and in the submissions center. Check/Uncheck button only selects the first picture on the page using Opera 9.51
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    Video From MFF

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    Gaming Machine [Your PC Specs] -Updated-

    I'm hellishly proud of my rig. Building it yourself, just gives you +5 to your Pride attributes :D I've been building machines constantly for years, but as school approaches, i've had to slow down my works. BEFORE WE GET STARTED, i would just like to add that there is NOTHING wrong with...
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    Greenmonkey's New Home! HE WANTS COMMISSIONS

    WTF!>?!?! ADS?!?!? OMFG... im so mad now... THERE ARE NOT SUPPOSED TO BE ANY ADS!!! This is bad... :evil: :evil: HOWEVER.... I DO NOT SEE ANY ADS with any computer that i view the site from!!!! You guys might want to clean your computers just in case... cuz the site is...
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    Greenmonkey's New Home! HE WANTS COMMISSIONS

    Hey! During the confusion of furaffinity's downtime, i took it upon myself to host Greenmonkey's new website: http://www.grasslanddivide.com HE WANTS TRAFFIC AND LOTS OF COMMISSIONS!! Take your time to explore the site, see whats in the gallery (hint hint), and maybe buy some art! (prices...
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    Please help a poor artist (all ratings)

    Car? Hey... last time i checked.... they asked for Photo ID to get a drivers license :P Anyways... I wish you lots of luck! I fresh out of cash, and if i did have some, it would be Canadian funds... sry!! Good luck
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    A suggestion to the Admins

    Time to pitch in my 2 cents. In my opinion and full experience, hiring friends or very people im VERY well aquianted with has ALWAYS led me to problems. My experience includes the administration of a hosting company (soon to go out of business), and the running of too non-internet...