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    Female Furries?

    Lolthis. I dunno, overall it seems like recently there's a fairly even amount of females to males, at least across what I see of FA. Granted, it's the internet and anyone could be lying. Don't see a reason to, short from not getting attacked by a bunch of horny pubescent boys, but I've not...
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    How did you survive...

    I took part in drama surrounding a wonderful and beloved fellow forum member. Also, I didn't really care that the forums were down, but since they're back up, hello!
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    What's your favorite instrument?

    Wrong section? I'd probably go with trombone, but I'll admit I'm not all that biased toward/against anything. Most instruments are pretty awesome.
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    Body Image in Fursonas, Art, and other virtual depictions

    I draw myself (whether I'm depicting myself as a human, lizard, tomato, whatever the fuck else) as 'curvy' and muscular. Because that's what I am. And short. I'm definitely not that tall.
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    Unnessescarilay large amount of males on furAffinity?

    Let's add another reason that doesn't even make sense (seriously, I'm seeing an awful lot of those floating in here). THE MOMENT that the non-gay men find out that the woman is, in fact, a woman, they're all over her like there is no tomorrow. Most women I know in person don't want some socially...
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    Donation Banners Wanted!

    :B I like ties.
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    The height and weight thread 2!

    Everyone likes breasts... everyone just has different preferences when it comes to muscle tissue or fat. :B
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    The height and weight thread 2!

    So many tiny, tiny people here. 's weird. 5'3" ~130# Weight fluctuates whenever it feels like, though never more than ten pounds. Intending on gaining weight sometime, actually. Muscle mass. :B Been losing fat recently, too, which makes me both sad and happy. Was fine where it was at, really.
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    Musical Instruments

    Flute Guitar Trombone Bass Trumpet Piano That's in order of what I'm good at, flute being best, piano being worst. Considering picking up some other instrument (read that as: clarinet or sax) if I can come across a cheap one, or if someone would be willing to send me one in exchange for many...
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    Poll: Who creates non-anthro art (Part 1)

    I use a variety of different medias to 'draw' a lot of stuff that isn't 'furry.' That makes up most of my work, actually. I just do the furries for... uh... I'm not sure. I just draw them. Then I find there's a community and, well... some people here are pretty interesting.
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    Contest - Bustin' Myths

    Whoo. Two: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/825051/
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    Contest - Bustin' Myths

    I'd thought by 'this thread' you meant the journal, but then I realized that it was a link. Should probably make that a little bit more obvious... First entry: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/823985/ Still working on second.