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    Megaplex Friends!

    I'm going! I don't have a suit but I am going to be with my boyfriend, and he's not even a furry. He does appreciate furry characters and art though. If you'd like, you can PM me sometime. I'm looking for mostly people who can commission me, but friends will come first (I'm not....very popular S: )
  2. DecentBadger

    Poll: Do you like Rick & Morty?

    My boyfriend and I loved the first season. Season 2 wasn't too bad. Then season 3 happened and then the fandom happened, and let's just say we don't talk about it much in positive light anymore :/
  3. DecentBadger

    Confidence problems and popularity

    Yeah, I feel ya. While I believe my faults are that I just simply have an inconsistent upload schedule and I need to get involved in communities more often, I've been going as all out as I can to advertise my work. I made a website (that I'm actually trying to fix, which is why I won't post it...
  4. DecentBadger

    Demotivated? Feel You are bad at art?

    Thanks. I sometimes look at my old work and notice how much more detailed it was than my current stuff, but tbh I think I just need to put in as much effort as I did when I was 22. However, I understand anatomy a little bit better than I did a few years ago.
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    Looking for $10> Commissions!

    I'm interested! I work in mostly vector art, general raster, and high scale pixel art. Here are some of my works: Just let me know if you're interested and we can talk more on specifics. My FA and this tumblr tag has some more of my art if you'd like to see more.
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    What's your recent musical discovery?

    This girl does really really good vocal covers of popular Korean and anime themes. I love it.
  7. DecentBadger

    Shark Girl Adoptables $20!

    Selling these 4 shark gals which are currently all available and open to anyone who wants them. Once someone claims one (as well as specify which number), I will remove the watermark and replace it with a big beautiful "ADOPTED!!" sticker. If you ask to claim one and I approve it, just send me...
  8. DecentBadger

    Are you your sona?

    Yes and no. My fursona is basically who I want people to perceive me as this is who I am inside. This badger is laid-back, chill, comfortable, and has a different name from me (currently going by "Beri"). I unintentionally present myself as neurotic, anxious, and really shy, on the other hand...
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    Any good furry webcomic recommends?

    I wanted to get back into reading webcomics because otherwise all I ever do is draw or play games. Anyone know a good read? Very interested in ones with action/sci-fi/fantasy elements.
  10. DecentBadger

    Who's your favorite furry youtuber?

    I recently discovered Culturally F'd. I love it. I love the idea of a channel about the history of furry and why we do what we do now.
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    Movies you liked, but critics didn’t

    The Swan Princess. I think this is the movie that made me into a furry with all of the TF and talking animal elements it had, but a lot of modern critics dislike it (*coughcoughdougwalker*) because of how it was rivaling Disney at the time and the animation wasn't perfect. Honestly, most of the...
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    Done anything fun today? Or done something that made you feel good?

    Today I started drawing one of my favorite Youtube people (Pan-Pizza) and cooked something my mom used to make me when I used to live at home.
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    What's your job?

    All these people in the thread with fairly good jobs makes me wonder what went right with you guys, so awesome job! I currently work in retail, which is looked down upon because it's a dead-end job and I'm only getting a few hours a week, but I live with someone so it's only really important...
  14. DecentBadger

    If you were getting no likes/faves on your art, would you still draw?

    I'm already doing that! But in all seriousness, I'd keep drawing and post it anyway just so I can find my work easily again.