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    Furry Video Sharing Site

    I wouldn't really say that bro, alot of the people are really childish, I myself live by myself and often called a loser by him, who lives with his mother, blackhand2 who lives with his mother at 34, and spikepapp, who owns a fursuit and got so angry at me, told me I fail at life because I...
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    Furry Video Sharing Site

    I'd be happy to sir. Wolfee crated many jewtube accounts, I believe the names were Vikamouse, RagingRottwiler and Frostwhitefox. All three accounts had a universal password, the same as wolfee's youtube, and such. I took control of RagingRottwiler, made a video on it before deleting it...
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    Furry Video Sharing Site

    So basically you're a typical sheep that Wolfee can like. Nevermind the fact he's used his "friends" to defend himself from trolls to help him prove he didn't register from a beastforum account. Nevermind that he forged accounts on youtube to prove his own point. Nevermind that he has...
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    New Dream Theater!

    Dream Theater's songwriting is really generic bro, especially their newer material, the lyrics practically have no substance and are easily predictable. Whatever though, I guess if it's played fast, people like it.