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  1. Delliot

    Please check Cat Knight my new webcomic (Fantasy/adventure)

    I honestly love this! can't wait for more parts to come out.
  2. Delliot

    Color Theory is hard

    thank you so much! These both look super good, I'll try applying them the next time I color something in.
  3. Delliot

    Color Theory is hard

    Does anyone have any amazing Color Theory tutorials that they know of? For literal YEARS I have tried studying it but at the end of the day my color theory is still trash!!! I was wondering if there was a good tutorial online that had a good reputation. I can't tell at this point if I just need...
  4. Delliot

    Any furries in Massachusetts or Rhode Island?

    I'm in Massachusetts as well!! I'm in the Bridgewater area though, idk how close that is to Fall River. Honestly I would be down to talking to/getting to know other MA people.
  5. Delliot

    Joker doesn't want to be a poodle

    tbh I can 100% picture the joker being a poodle.
  6. Delliot

    finally got my tablet back!

    You are really good at art. I really like both pieces tbh. I wish my tablet was working tbh. I used to have one like a year ago but it broke so now I have to use pencil and paper, which kind of sucks since I don't have a scanner so anything I post online gets even lower in quality.
  7. Delliot

    Joker doesn't want to be a poodle

    It's funny how poodles are kind of memed on and called feminine and prissy and ditzy but they are apparently pretty intelligent and can be kind of aggressive.
  8. Delliot

    I finally drew Nora myself

    That's so cool. I really like the character design put into this. Its also drawn really well.
  9. Delliot

    Dark Mode for Forums

    I'm surprised that there isn't a dark theme since I use other forums that use XenForo and there are dark themes on it.
  10. Delliot

    Do you make art just for your own enjoyment that no one else sees?

    I technically put a lot of my art online but literally no one really looks at it or interacts with it so its basically just for my enjoyment. I also will create art that doesn't get posted online as well. Honestly I mostly use the internet as a way to store my art digitally and if someone else...
  11. Delliot

    What are some obscure indie games that need attention?

    Great game, I love this one. Its one of the only games where I have gotten all the achievements for it.
  12. Delliot

    Body hair on men; aye or nae?

    I don't mind it really. It depends on the guy somewhat (some guys look better with it than others) but I have never been turned off by it.
  13. Delliot

    Favorite Pokemon

    I like all the dog, rat and cat based ones a lot. I especially like Growlithe. I don't know why but I also really like Kadabra. When I was little I was afraid of Hypno but now I like the design.
  14. Delliot

    What languages do you know?

    Lol nice pig latin. I learned it in middle school and high school.
  15. Delliot

    What languages do you know?

    I know English and Latin, though my Latin skills have dramatically declined over the years since I don't do enough with it. I'm sure if I went back to translating works I would pick it up more though. I want to learn Spanish, Chinese or Danish at some point as well though.