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  • sweets :3 i just finished and i am exhausted so i will give you a heads up 2mororoo so yeah it might not actually be that cool at all but we'll find out
    Ok so I'm actually going to go one step further with potato feet and I'll make a little sketch that highlights the relevant ideas butt I have a strong feeling that there is something very big that could happen with this concept

    I'll explain later as I need to analyze Vivaldi before bed but I think you'll find it interesting
    They're selling like hot-cakes man, every time I order some more into the store everyone's like TAKE MY POSTCOUNT


    so please, take them ;-;
    I'm an auditor for Deloitte so I do ALL THE THINGS, ALL THE TIME. :D

    Oh man, that student feel. Leave some of the books behind - when study comes along, you're gonna want something to distract yourself with, and you've gotta have a little bit left of that backlog to rely on.~
    Shit, really? That's fucking awesome man! You're the first person I didn't have to strap to a chair and force it Clockwork Orange style!
    Heh, I'm glad to hear it. I'm sorta-kinda both of those names at once.

    Oh man, not much. I've definitely been a lot better lately after cleaning up some nasty working habits and getting some work done. It's given me a lot more free time; hell, I even went to a furmeet last weekend, it kicked ass. :p

    Getting Pokémon's been great, too; more excuses to goof around with friends and the boytoy~ How'bout you, fluffster?
    Yeah I'm telling ya. Most of the bosses were completely laughable. I think I'm going to start a Sorcerer in Dark Souls to see how that is.
    I beat Demon's Souls and omg it was so easy with magic. The -only- segment that gave me trouble was the Storm Castle where you have to walk along the ledge while getting shot at by fucking flying manta rays. But aside from that: So easy. You have to try it sometime.
    Awww; get better soon.
    My brother's pieces are good. They always are. He's one of those people who is good at everything.
    The other exhibits mostly look rushed, because they were rushed, but I suppose if I think the standards are low it's because I am expecting too much of 17-19 year olds.
    A bunch of very first world problems. The exhibition my department is putting together is coming along a treat though, well at least the mountaing and refurbishment. The exhibits are rubbish.

    Hah, don't worry about it man. I wasn't really even expecting a reply, I was just goofing around late at night.

    I do have a Skype, if you'd like it~
    Hey, hey you. I'm awake at three AM, you're awake at three AM, we have so much in common. Let's hang out.
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