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    Last post wins - Winner gets a free post!

    But what if you're an elf :T
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    Table-Top RPG Nerd-Out Thread

    I DM a lot of 5e. And I have plenty of characters to show off - though typically I don't get to play them :P Balvalor - my Dragonborn Wizard Here's a scene of a group I'm running. Title is 'Simpler Times'. Unfortunately, two of the characters are dead :( Lots of the art done is of my...
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    Hola everyone. I frequented the forums like... Idk... 13 years ago or something. Figured rejoining might give me one more thing to do. I'm Demohr, I live in Virginia USA and in my spare time I play video games and TTRPG's. I DM a few DnD 5e games and I'm a player in another. Games I enjoy...