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    Starting a story.

    But the thing is I do know what the rest of the story is going to be like, I've spent quite some time researching and making timelines for events, characters and places. I am not just jumping head first into a story that I am going to make up as I go along, granted I may change one or two things...
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    Starting a story.

    Awesome sauce. Thanks for the replies.
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    Starting a story.

    Alright first off I sincerely apologize if this thread has been posted before but I am just so not amped to search through 40 pages of threads. Ok, so here is the thing I am "trying" to get my story off the ground yet I am stuck at there very beginning no less. I understand how important the...
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    Good Safe for work comics

    I posted this is another thread, but you might find it useful if I post it here too. These are all really good comics, I took out one or two that don't meet your specific query, but here are the ones you 'might' enjoy. FYI my favorite comic out of here is Catena Manor. http://twokindscomic.com/...
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    Making a story "furry"

    So what you are saying is just having Anthro characters in a story just for the heck of it and have absolutely no impact on the story on a whole is exactly what many people seem to do and what anyone attempting to write an Anthro story should avoid? Thanks for that, I am pleased to see so many...
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    Herms: whyyyyyyy

    What did I do now? -.-"
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    goddamn you furries.

    :| That's just not right man. I feel there is a line in the Furry Fandom, and that... well... dude wtf actually.
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    Making a story "furry"

    That was most likely the answer I was looking for, thank you. ^^
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    You want sad and pathetic? Read the following link, I forget who posted this in one of their journals on FA but it was so freakin funny and sad all at the same time that I bookmarked it so that I could one day post it in a conversation like this...
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    So hey look at this piece of crap...

    I dunno, that crappy Balto 2 kinda killed it for me, shoulda just left a great movie alone but nooooooo, sigh w/e this Movie screams Balto until you start reading what it actually is. Most likely due to the Goose, I loved that Russian Goose.
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    Herms: whyyyyyyy

    Been there done that... I dunno hey, maybe it's some type of optional addition to the Furry Fandom. Go figure.
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    It's a leopard with green hair, it's the South-African soccer mascot. England has a Lion, America has a dog, every country has some mascot that's either an animal or a fruit or in Japan's case a "I don't know wtf this is" mascot. For the curious souls ->...
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    For foxes only

    Gay? Alright I don't see myself as being the most manly example but dude this is a bit of stereotyping right here. I like all candids but foxes seem more appealing, this suddenly makes me homosexual? Oo" Well this is awkward...
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    Making a story "furry"

    That's understandable. But I am curious as to whether or not it makes the story more appealing to the members of FA.
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    Are there any webcomics that you just HAD to read it all in a day?

    http://houseoflsd.comicgenesis.com/ - WARNING {NUDITY/KINKY STUFFS} A comic by J3T. Pretty funny story of the inner and outer workings of a porn studio. R18+ http://twokindscomic.com/ - A comic by Tom Fischbach. I am pretty sure just about everyone knows about 2kinds by now but w/e. PG13+...