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    [Closed] Kimisu's requests

    Oh my goodness, that looks utterly adorable 8D Can I make one small request change though? My tongue is actually green :O apart from that it's perfect, so cute omg!!
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    open art trades !!

  3. DergenTheDragon

    open art trades !!

    That looks awesome! Stunning job! May I post this to my own gallery? (with credit obvs)
  4. DergenTheDragon

    open art trades !!

    I don't have toyhouse, please credit to my FA page. Thank you :D And no worries, I know life can throw you under the bus sometimes with what needs doing and when. I completely understand. I saw you hadn't been online in a few days anyway so I guessed that's what might've happened. And I'm glad...
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    open art trades !!

    Here you go! I tried doing Liam fullbody (Something that I am notoriously bad at with ferals), it took something like 4 hours but I eventually got something I was happy with :D I hope you like it! Sorry for the delay, and also I would've posted a WIP version but I entirely forgot. Can't wait to...
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    open art trades !!

    My half of the trade is almost ready, should be with you tomorrow if not sooner :)
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    open art trades !!

    Hi there! I'm interested in a trade. My gallery is here: Artwork Gallery for DergenTheDragon -- Fur Affinity [dot] net You have a wide range of 1 character to choose from :D I was looking at doing a portrait of Liam. He was the one to catch my eye out of your characters. Also note my schedule...
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    Free Art: are you new to the fandom?

    It's at OPs discretion. Angel is just being quite rude, you're fine with your suggestion.
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    Free Art: are you new to the fandom?

    All of you, can we not start a war about this. It is at OPs discretion who/what they'll draw. I made a mistake in my first post, it happens. Clippit might genuinely have an idea for a new character, they've come to me before asking for refs of other character ideas they're tinkering with, so...
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    Request: Could anyone do some art of my daughters sona, please?

    Why yes, yes I could. It's wonderful to see supportive parents in the fandom. I hope your daughter likes it <3 :D Haruki by DergenTheDragon -- Fur Affinity [dot] net
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    Art trade?? (1/2 slots)

    Hi there would you be interested in trading with me? I only have one character and even though he's a dragon, he's actually really cute and cuddly in nature. He loves plushies, cuddles, affection, but he also has a silly side and a more traditionally draconic side to him as well. Thank you, if...
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    Art Trade: Looking for trades! :3

    I see a little silhouetto of a me! Cutest derg, cutest derg, I am the worlds cutest Derg-en! <3