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    Crit my first furry drawing.

    I like it. If thats your first furry drawing I'd say its pretty good. I can already see a unique style emerging and I personally think it looks great. Though I can see what you mean about the ear, it seems kinda out of it, but its hardly a big issue :D. I guess.... improvement would be...
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    Mixed media guilt... with a banana.

    Its a banana. But if you REALLY want to make it up to him/her/it. Maybe you could send him back home :D. You know package him up in a box, ask for him/her/it to be sent back to the tropics and in some banana grove or something. Though on second thought I think customs would suspect something...
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    First try.

    No using other people's drawings for reference is fine. A lot of people do that or use actual animal/whatever they're drawing pictures for reference. As long is it isn't a complete trace or done entirely based of someone else's character, I wouldn't think creditation is necessary, though it...
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    Princess Mononoke vs. Akira: Which movie is better?

    W-wait thats this movie!? Oh wow I actually have seen it, but it was in Korean and for some reason I just didn't connect the two @_@
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    The Secret of NIMH vs. Robin Hood: Which movie is better?

    Definately voted for Robin Hood. I've seen both and I definately liked Robin better. Not that there was anything terribly wrong with the "Rats of NIMH", I loved the crow :3, but it struck me as a bit more far-fetched and illogical than Robin Hood. Maybe it's because I read the books for both.
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    Princess Mononoke vs. Akira: Which movie is better?

    Well I actually haven't seen Princess Mononoke, but I voted for it anyway. To be honest I didn't really like Akira much. I only got to watch 30 minutes of it though so I could be biased. Though I wouldn't say either are my "Most Favourite Movie" or at least animated film. 'One Stormy...
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    First Furry Art

    It looks nice for your first art ever :D. Only thing I can say is maybe get a finer pointed pen. It looks like the pen you were using a bit too thick and you lost some of the finer details in the hair line of the back and other places. But I'm not a major artist so I could just be...
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    Hi I'm new.

    Kinda been a lurker around the main gallery site for awhile... so I figured I post a Hello! out there. Hello everybody I'm Deruty. Not sure what else to say... I guess that I try to do some art though not entirely the best at it. Its more of a laid back hobby thing I touch on every now and...
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    FA Gamers - Steam Servers Opening Soon

    Actually that prior comment on an Empires Server sounds really nice. I'll throw in my support for that one also!
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    FA Gamers - Steam Servers Opening Soon

    I'd like to propose TF2 and CS:S servers. Though... I guess I can't really assess to the amount of community that it would benefit since I don't know many of you :(. But its fun! And if no CS:S, I atleast further support the TF2 cause :D!