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    3D art programs?

    Your CPU is too old for sculpting, because it's multicore perfomance is bad. But if your CPU in laptop is replaceable you can try to upgrade to Intel Core i5 or i7 (better i7) Sandybridge without bying new laptop. Since processor socket is the same. It's really cheap now (around 30 USD in...
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    3D art programs?

    I think Blender 2.8 can work with low poly stuff just fine since sculpting is CPU based.
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    3D art programs?

    Can you please tell to me what processor you have in laptop?
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    Show me your art!

    Personal 3D project. I am still improving my skills as Anthro 3D artist. I used Affinity Photo for composing and ZBrush for sculpting. 3D flash turntable here https://www.furaffinity.net/view/35863572/
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    Hello everyone!! ^^/

    Hello FerkitheWolf. Welcome to forums ;)
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    *~Hello everyone~*

    Hello. Welcome to FA forums :p
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    change the sentence

    Simo shaves Cristal's paw because furries love mischievous manicures. (Because cutting nails with fur is uncomfortable xD)
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    Word association

    Nuclear bomb
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    I love it when....

    I love it when my fantasy go crazy
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    Hi everyone!

    Hello ZeroFenrir. Welcome to FA forums :cool:. Please enjoy your stay.
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    change the sentence

    Simo pedicures Ravo's paw because furries love some manicure.
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    Hello everyone. UwU

    Here quick cute music bonus for everyone in this thread. UwU. It's my second loop based cute song created in FL Studio from scratch. Feel free to use this song as you wish. PS: I created this music today :cool:
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    Hello everyone. UwU

    Wowie so much so much warmth and comfort in this thread. Now i am not feeling sad and alone anymore)