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    Two things 1) Just keep drawing, keep making new pictures and drawing every day. 2) Always finish what you start drawing, even if it looks bad it could end up good, and if it is bad then you can look at it and see what you did wrong.
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    Audio recording/editing software suggestions?

    Well if you want something that is cheap and you dont need to tamper with to get working then Audcaity is your best bet, its free but is limited and also requires you to download the LAME file (yes that is its actual name) if you want to export MP3 which you can get from a shady looking website...
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    Free Art (NSFW requests highly preferred and recommended for M/M art)

    I have a request but i will PM/DM you it as its a little NSFW
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    First Fursonas and First Designs

    Hi :3 My Sona is Disco and ummm... yeah thats about all i have.... Info Name: Disco Age: 14 Orientation HAH GAAAAYYYY Likes: To Many To Count Dislikes: Mean People >:3
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    Just Another Person Asking For Free Commision :c

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    Link Me Your Furry Discord Servers!

    As the title says i cant find any good furry Discord servers. If you know any can u pretty plz put the invite codes below and ill join!
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    Lost All My Art Of Sona!

    Well when we got home it was only in the kitchen so i rushed inside to try and save my cat because i cant lose her, she means to much to me, anyway so i ran upstairs and got her out from under my dads bed then ran to my room and with my other arm grabbed some important stuff like my wallet...
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    Lost All My Art Of Sona!

    happend almost a month ago now and most of the crap is cleaned up.
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    Lost All My Art Of Sona!

    House is totally gone so we are knockdown rebuilding and the HDD is burned to a crisp
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    Lost All My Art Of Sona!

    As the title says I have lost all the art of my sona Disco :c I had all the art of him saved on my PC and unfortunately my mum left the oven on when we went out to the beach and it started a huge fire. I was able to save the paper drawings that I made and my laptop but all the art on my PC is...
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    Share your fursona!

    Its to NSFW to post here :P XD
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    Share your fursona!

    I wouldnt give me the power to think of what those certain power would be otherwise this fourm would go downhill pretty fast ;D
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    How do you feel about fake furries in media?

    Well all i know is that the show www.youtube.com: Aberguine (Aberguine) hosts is really really cool and talks about this topic in multiple videos!
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    what is your fursona

    And here we have Disco the Dickhead >w< Name: Disco Age: 14 Orientation: HAH GEEEEY Like: Gaming, Music, Food Owo Dislikes: Haters :P There is more but im to lazy to write it all :3
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    Just Another Person Asking For Free Commision :c

    I made a HD version of the one you made ;)