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  1. DJ-woof

    Open Chat

    I can't get over the fact that my ex moved on and I'm just stuck here waiting for another "I need him back" thing but since he hurt me I feel like I'm acting pretty dumb since he cheated three times...
  2. DJ-woof

    Do you get together with friends to practice or learn new things? (feeling disappointed)

    All the time, but honestly, it really is un-motivating..
  3. DJ-woof


    Ah okay then C: We can also chat through FA instead of the form?
  4. DJ-woof


    Awesome haha! x3 i'm new as well, i've just been looking for people to talk to honestly, what about you?
  5. DJ-woof


    just trying to make friends ^^ I've been so lonely at times <:3 I'd love to see any other artists willing to talk too!