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    Tumblr Propaganda(?)

    Using trap is fine as long as it relates to a crossdresser with feminine features and not a transwoman. The idea that this has to be said is like bringing up old songs and literature and prescribing the word "gay" to mean homosexual. Context matters and the idea of people ignoring it to feel...
  2. DJLab

    Furries and Peta

    *eating a burger* Wah 'bout PETA?
  3. DJLab

    Tail-butt <3

    Wah word? Bird? Is bird the word? :)
  4. DJLab

    Tail-butt <3

    Normally when I look at butts of girls to range from "she a plank" to "SHAWTY PACKING IN THE REAR!!! *howl*"
  5. DJLab

    Can someone help me?

    *watches to the horizon looking for lock*
  6. DJLab

    What does Furry have that matches PA?

    You aren't bowing down yet! Mortal do you dare defy me?!
  7. DJLab

    What does Furry have that matches PA?

    ... *points at the sponsors at the side of Penny Arcade and then points at the non-existent sponsors of Furry groups* Answered? Good. Second of all, don't be an idiot and do this again please. Furries don't necessarily gather all together to do fund raisers but Furry fund raisers do happen in...
  8. DJLab

    Countries banning the furry fandom

    Okay let's explain this... Furry is done on the internets mostly. You can't ban the internets cause it's 1337 an stuff.
  9. DJLab

    How did you find the Fandom?

    Oh great... Now only the sickest, disgusting minds will be able to post now. ...Wait!
  10. DJLab

    What are pet furs.

    I don't know. Other furs normally go after baby furs as the bad fetishers. Not sure about the dom-sub crowd? Let's get some whining furs on this board now!!!
  11. DJLab

    How did you find the Fandom?

    We really need to get one of these boards as a sticky thread... It'll cure this repetitiveness.
  12. DJLab


    That would require another jackalope and one night alone in a hotel room...
  13. DJLab

    Banning Burqas

    Did I just troll wrestlers and get a response? Hey trolling people can be fun. 'Sides the only job I respect there is RVD.
  14. DJLab


    I shall grant your wish *facepalms*
  15. DJLab

    Banning Burqas

    Cause it asks if it's a good idea for muslim women to wear fursuits. Fairly furry.