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  • Well if your Reading this then you want to know some stuff me alright and you clicked on my page so lets get started. For one I am a fur of course. My favorite Game of all time is Pokemon. Favorite movie Ratatouille By Disney and Pixar. And Favorite Book is None because theres too many to choose from XD. But apart from the faves Im Rave a teenager young and happy spirited fur who has been in the fandom for 3 years now. And is still struggling to to make my fursona. And don't laugh at me making a perfect fursona that you WANT to stick with aint easy and yes I just used... Your Welcome :) Also Im a fun loving Husky how has my of friends which are girls even though Im a boy and I am constantly called a player when I am just hanging out with friends who are girls... so don't judge. But anyways If you made to this point good job And I hope I see you in Fur Affinity Forums.... That means you can go now.;)
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