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  1. dkmasterwolf

    *tips her hat*

    Nice to meet you Dicentra! if you need help or somebody to talk just send me an MP and ill be here! welcome to the forums! =)
  2. dkmasterwolf

    Art Practice Staring me

    a fender? hehe cool , but shouldnt you add the bear too =P Oh , and Welcome Hertial!! if u need helpo or somebody to talk , feel free to drop an MP and ill be here! nice to meet you *shakes hands*
  3. dkmasterwolf

    Cat Breeds

    i have a siamese named Jack XD ..too bad hes so old now. (10 years now T_T) , hes gonna de soon , he doenst even moe too much lately...i think the hour its near T_T...poor thing.
  4. dkmasterwolf

    G'day folks

    hey welcome to the forums!! if you need help or somebody to talk , just ask me and ill be here in a moment! hehe =P , nice to meet you *shakes paws*
  5. dkmasterwolf

    Want all the help i can get...

    Hello people , its been a good while since i joined =P. And its time to ask you all for help. You see , i want to improve and get better at drawing , i dont have a computer right now , so i dont have the programs i need , i take photos of my arts after i finish em and submit them . But now i...
  6. dkmasterwolf

    Does anyone else have furry dreams?

    awww , too bad =P.
  7. dkmasterwolf

    Does anyone else have furry dreams?

    haha , im a little curious about your dream haha XD...lately im always dreaming that im transforming myself...but , this is different...i transfrom into a husky and my fursona its like another friend of mine XD...lately i have been dreaming that im in an adventure XD
  8. dkmasterwolf

    Does anyone else like foxes.

    i like foxes =P , in fact , one of my fursonas its a fox XD...but thats another story =P
  9. dkmasterwolf

    What "made you" furry?

    Lets sa that Tom and Jerry got me since i was a little kid XD...thats all i can say for now , but there are lots of things that "made me" a furry XD
  10. dkmasterwolf

    Other than furries what do u like?

    WHOA!!! tennis and hockey?? , cool ! XD...i wish i could do tennis , but its a little expensive here X_X...and hockey its great! XD
  11. dkmasterwolf

    Other than furries what do u like?

    but you can tell =P , what sport do you practice? =P
  12. dkmasterwolf

    Other than furries what do u like?

    well .. writting (poems , stories or even songs =P) , practice karate , training , anime (long live to teh anime!! XD) , playing games (im actually retired from the ps2 games...ill tell u about that later ) , hanging out with friends and also playing with my dog...and lots of things (i would...
  13. dkmasterwolf

    Countries and furry

    in THIS side of ameria , COMPLETELY SUCKS X_X...there arent that many furries here either...but those few that are here in Argentina , are very talented artists =P. IDK if some of em have an account here =P (i would live to know ). But here 99.9999% of the people doesnt even know what a furry is...
  14. dkmasterwolf


    i discovered it too not so long ago...and it didnt changed my life (but none of my friends neither my parents know anything). so i really have nonthing to say , only be yourself and that all =P
  15. dkmasterwolf

    Audio Engineering: EQ and how to do it (or "shoveling out the mud")

    whoa , this tutorial will help me a lot! XD ...i wanted to try it once...but ill have to wait till my computer its competely repaired X_x...