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  1. dogit

    What was everyone's first thread about? (not including introduction)

    About an anthro tv series that I thourt needed some love
  2. dogit

    What Are You Playing Right Now?

    Darkest dungeon (:
  3. dogit

    Comics staring Forum members! (FAF Adventures 3: Revolutions) (READ THE OP)

    I'm gone for a few weeks and this hapens 0.0 I realy cant leave you guys alone can I
  4. dogit


    awww thats cute ^^
  5. dogit

    Give me 5 reasons why u luv being a furry! :D

    1. friendly people 3. can be a derp 2. can jam be one? 4. always like anthros and that stuff 5. well I have more friends than I ever have before........oh god
  6. dogit

    Opposite gender Fursonas

    I have no issue with it, I oftan make gender swopt charikters on games and stuff
  7. dogit

    Etsy Furs?

    no ^^
  8. dogit

    Partial vs Fullsuit. Are We Furry Enough?

    Well plenty of people have sonas who where cloths and if its part of the character then ye cool. And even if not I just love all fursuiters regardless, there soooo cute ^^
  9. dogit


    Yo, do love all the furs hear, we all so lovely ^^
  10. dogit

    Anyone fear google?

    Well as long as there is jam I am ok ^^
  11. dogit

    So George R.R. Martin is a pretty cool guy

    God I try to get away from GoT hear... but it finds me
  12. dogit

    Hewge Offers

    Well dogit dose not think he will be picked but will put his name hear anyway ^^ If Hewge wold draw a dogit, dogit wold love Hewge for all and ever :D dogit is hear as to what dogit looks like http://www.furaffinity.net/view/13585692/ http://www.furaffinity.net/view/13592504/
  13. dogit

    Oh thanks a lot, so thats why no one from hear has gone on my page, thanks

    Oh thanks a lot, so thats why no one from hear has gone on my page, thanks
  14. dogit

    Newbie to the main site peeking at the forum side

    Hi welcome to faf ^^
  15. dogit

    How do you wear your hair?

    Never do a dam thing with my hair