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  • OMG

    When I saw I had a notification my stomach flopped because I have been starting to get infraction notices and I'm like
    (Replying here so I don't derail the thread.)
    When I start pixeling, I usually don't know when to stop, so the icons always end up insanely detailed. :'D
    I just realized he's not even colored (Forgive my brain) He's fuschia if that helps ^^; Feathered his whole top body with a grey beak.
    Oh no kidding? I don't have a fancy ref myself yet. http://www.furaffinity.net/view/9075516/ If you still have a spot woulf this do?

    Just drew my peacock a week ago XD You have a talent for muzzles I must say.

    Edit: And expression. How bout a sassy smirk? I think that's his default mode. XP Thanks for the offer, Doki!
    You know, I've actually heard about that. Seems some furs think that the owners were just using furries until they could stand on their feet. Butthurt all around. Honestly, we need a place different from FA and DA.
    That is easily taken care of though no? XD I must say I might try it since you mentioned the folder system.

    I've found FA to be far too troublesome to find art nowadays. Thankies X3
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