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    Earthbound Inspired Games

    Would recommend Hylics 1 & 2, they are very strange lil rpg's that hit many of the same notes as Earthbound. Only played a small section of the first game and haven't come around to dedicating to it just yet.
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    What is the best feeling game?

    Gane be something like Quake 3 or Titanfall 2 for me, move like silk.
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    One of my newer fav's Big O
  4. DominantSubdivision

    Good or evil in videogames?

    The only game iv played in the past few years with a actual bad guy plot that's like actually good is defo Brigador. That game pulls so few punches it kinda becomes funny in a satirical way.
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    Good or evil in videogames?

    Feel like very few games allow you to take villainous roll without giving you a lesser experience, like they'll have the option but its objectively worse in terms of story or something. There are games that are based around being the bad guy but most of em just take the piss and almost never...
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    Regreted Joining furry community

    I don't regret joining and I am happier than i was before, but i did consider how this could have effected my social life and the possibility of it going south. But thankfully even my friends with more "spicy" views on furry's were cool with it.
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    What Are You Listening To?

    Found this last night
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    Games that you played way too much, dropped, and have now come back to?

    Defo Warframe, play the game absolutely loads then drop it of for months. Racked up round 1600 hours so far.
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    What's your favorite album?

    I got loads of albums i would consider to be my fav, to may to put into a single post so ill just give a few and limit it to one per band. Eternal Champion: The Armor of Ire Conan: Blood Eagle Electric Wizard: Witchcult Today Idle Hands(aka UNTO OTHERS): Mana
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    Favorite Programming Language

    I like Ruby and Lua, there pretty solid and easy to understand.
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    Essential Browser Extensions

    I would recommend uBlock Origin over addblock, HTTPS Everywhere which help with online security and Privacy Badger to block trackers.
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    What browser should I use?

    I would recommend Brave, its a privacy browser with lots of anti-ad features.
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    People Who Live Rural: What's It Like?

    I grew up middle of no-ware rural South Africa, the town wasn't even on most maps or gps services. There were no roads, sometimes no running water, occasionally no electricity. Access to the internet was basically impossible most the time ignoring the cost and unusable low speed, a good example...
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    Favourite Animal?

    Axolotl are pretty neat.
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    What video game are you playing...

    Been playing a lot of Star Wars Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy with the Movie Battles mod. Me and my friends play it a lot lately.