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    The "Dinosaurs Are Cool" Thread

    Am dinosaur. I think my pfp should tell you all you need to know about my favourite. ;)
  2. DorjeStego

    What was your first video game?

    System Shock. Which I'm intensely looking forward to the remake of.
  3. DorjeStego

    Psychedelic Rock

    How has nobody posted the absolute classic that is Maggot Brain yet?
  4. DorjeStego

    Unpopular movies you enjoy

    The most underrated movie by the Wachowskis.
  5. DorjeStego

    Is this a genetic thing?

    Humans have been domesticating animals for tens of thousands of years - starting with the domestic dog, from the wolf, somewhere between 30-40 thousand years ago. This was firmly within the palaeolithic period when humans were still universally hunter-gatherers and populations were relatively...
  6. DorjeStego

    your latest purchase ! :3

    Added the Mavic Air 2 to my fleet. Got it on a great deal in like-new condition.
  7. DorjeStego

    i hate new tech

    The Parrot ANAFI is worth, in my own currency, £630. https://www.parrot.com/uk/shop/buy-anafi The Parrot ANAFI isn't designed for the US military, it's a US company's attempt to undercut the two big (Chinese) players of the consumer drone market, but it still comes up a bit short in its general...
  8. DorjeStego

    vaping how old should it be?

    Just ban it has worked very well for cannabis after all.
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    your latest purchase ! :3

    Oh definitely, not my first DJI drone (I have the mini 2 as well - great drone for flying in built up areas) and took the FPV drone up this afternoon after work for the first time just to get used to controlling it and it was a great experience. The Mavic 3 definitely looks like an awesome...
  10. DorjeStego

    your latest purchase ! :3

    I've been banned from buying things for a while by my husband now.
  11. DorjeStego

    show me pics of your fursona!

    By https://twitter.com/PuzzledJayPros
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    Do animals have souls? Your thoughts!

    I'm a Buddhist. Buddhists don't believe in a Judeo-Christian notion of a soul, but do believe in a consciousness or mindstream that survives death and goes through the cycle of rebirth in perpetuity, and animals are included in that. There's no inherent difference between an animal or human...
  13. DorjeStego

    all things Raspberry Pi

    I use a ZumSpot hat on top of an RPi0WH as a 70cm band amateur radio digital hotspot in the System Fusion digital modulation mode. RF output is up to 10 milliwatts, but I have it turned down to 5 (3dB less than maximum) so it doesn't wipe out the whole of the 70cm band for my base rig antenna...
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    Welcome to Paleolithic Camp

    Making tools. Because I tend to be good at cobbling things together.
  15. DorjeStego

    What in life drives you?

    You reach a certain age where it's enough to just take one day at a time and hope to feel it wasn't a total waste at the end of it.