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  • Yeah, I detest the traffic there as well. I really just don't like Jacksonville in general. The road system is astonishingly messy compared to other large cities like Atlanta. My drives to Deerwood are usually 45mins due to traffic and even more so going to South. I think the worst traffic I'd encountered was 1.5hrs. I only have one class at Deerwood in the spring, the rest are at South, but I'm planning on getting a job in the financial aid department in the student success center. My interview went very well but my hours may not comply with what they are looking for. Oh well.
    Yeah they got that down pretty much. I don't mind it. It's just quite a drive and Downtown sucks ass regarding traffic. One way streets, you know. I hate that. I had to go there because my bf was going there as well and we carpool. Next semester will be Deerwood.
    Ha, that's really cool! I've met another fur from online then in RL before, he goes to UNF though. Its cool to know someone else that goes to the same college branch as me. How is the downtown campus? I hear it's trashy on the outside but inside its really clean and nice inside. I've been trying to avoid downtown because I personally just don't like the damned place. Something bad always happens when I'm there xD. I even stopped going to art walks. I don't like Kent because the lack of people my age and the general eye candy there is near 0, even if it is right down the street from me...
    No shit? I live in Mandarin. I also go to Deerwood usually but this time around I'm at the Downtown campus. Don't worry about the late reply. Life happens :3
    Oh cool! I'm all over really. I moved with my mother on the west side to take care of her, I go to school at FSCJ Deerwood on Southside, and South Campus at the beaches. My dad, step mother and grand mother live in Mandarin.

    sorry for the late reply, I'm working on a story I'm writing :p didn't mean to keep you waiting.
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