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    Taking writing Courses.

    im taking fiction, non-fiction and creative writing courses in the upcoming 2 semesters as my "fun classes" cause i'll be done with all my cores. xD
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    OFFERING: Free character sculpts?

    Wow this is really cool, I'm not going to post links cause I know I'm not interesting enough xD. Any who, I did want to say that sculpting is very cool and unique in this fandom as a medium of art. Your work looks great and keep it up!
  3. Dover


    I love writing, and I want to be recognized for it. Is that so wrong? XD On a side note, what's more attractive for readers, landscape or portraits? I was thinking of doing a bit of both, since both, tend to be visually appealing.
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    •I have a generic title I'll be using, with all different subtitles. They aren't numbered. And I actually got an artist friend who will do my thumbnails and cover pictures today which is great! •Because I don't have the numbered chapters and they are all categorized by subtitles, I hadn't...
  5. Dover

    short story problems

    Oh man that's tough... Eliminate anything that can be skipped. Have all the vital action. If its all good I guess you need to cut back on the bigger picture and trim away at the amount of characters. Chisel it down to its core. Best advice I can offer.
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    I have yet to try my hand at writing erotica. Mainly cause when I RP'd with my late bf, it was 3+ hours long xD. Also I'm not sure how it would turn out really. I would do it only if requested I suppose, but that's not what I'll write in free time. XD I see what you mean though with that genre.
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    Hey, thanks everyone for posting. Very helpful information. I don't think its going to be a book, but as an ongoing chapter series story type thing. Too small to be the full blown thing. Sorry I got caught up with family on the holiday and today so I didn't have time to check back. I thought...
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    What attracts you with thumbnails; an image relating to the story, or an info-image? What do you think attracts more people to the story, is what I am looking for really.
  9. Dover

    Paws or hands?

    Well... Does your character have opposable thumbs?
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    Fursona Appearance In Stories

    thank you! He would be out of place if I changed him I feel. I do plan to do art for all the main characters as well as beloved sub characters. People pleaser hits the nail on the head. I didn't know people actually could like to see the author in it. I guess that's kinda the thing with movies...
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    Do you feel you've "matured" as a furry?

    I used be like, porn 10/10 times I searched anything furry related. Now its 9/10. Total matures.
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    One-off Chapters

    Oh ok, I gotcha. I see what you're doing now. As for the Narnia thing, I was talking more along the lines of world creation. The world of Narnia with different stories and different plots happening at the same, or different times, within the same world. Perspective of characters, not author's view.
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    One-off Chapters

    This is an interesting topic, I like it, very useful. To avoid the said "caveman approach", do you suggest Narnia theme? I could see that as a good approach for the OP's "nine lives." build the story like it was new from the same world in different positions? Now you said you switch from...
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    Fursona Appearance In Stories

    Alright so this story I've been working on has this sub character. And I loved writing him so much that I did a spinoff story. On top of that, I freaking love him and adopted him as my fursona. Is it a bad idea to have my own fursona appear in the main story as a sub character? Do you think...
  15. Dover

    Killing characters

    you're getting fancy now