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  1. Dr_pyro

    SQUISHY (human) ・∀ ・

    Hello Sock ive always wanted to meet a squishy Human thing!
  2. Dr_pyro

    Favorite sounding vehicle or engine(s)

    personsally IM IN LOVE with the 1967 Chevy Impala the sound will melt you hell the feeling of the vibration in the air will leave you in Awe and the looks are to die for. look it up.
  3. Dr_pyro

    Hello Peasants~

    Hey Aldo! im pyro! nice to meet ya! as far as i know there isnt any roleplaying on this site but, im sure youll have alot o fun! if you ever want to talk to someone im right here!
  4. Dr_pyro

    Greetings and Salutations.

    Hey Yoko! Im Pyro! Welcome back! what Games do u play on the computer (cuz im a gamer fur 2)? maybeh we could play sometime? :3
  5. Dr_pyro

    I'm such a n00b

    oh ok. well i wish i knew that..... and hey jeff im 16 and live in GA im new to this forum too. if u ever want to talk feel free to talk to meh! :3
  6. Dr_pyro

    You are now entering the Friend Zone

  7. Dr_pyro


    how about smash it up a little with chaos theory and complexity?
  8. Dr_pyro


    one hell of a topic. anyone else agree?
  9. Dr_pyro

    Political Ideologies

    no comment
  10. Dr_pyro

    Political Ideologies

    i didnt mean to post twice but, Good luck with that.
  11. Dr_pyro

    Political Ideologies

    hahaha solution solved
  12. Dr_pyro

    Political Ideologies

    despite the fact that you need authority and force to limit capitalism. but anyway i hate politics.
  13. Dr_pyro

    Political Ideologies

    so.... you claim to be against government as well as capitalism. The ideology is contradictory in that it portends to be against authority and force. A follower of anarcho-communism is often called an "oxymoron" were is the order in no government?? i dont mean to hate. but still..
  14. Dr_pyro

    Political Ideologies

    screw democrates and republicans. im a padestrian :3
  15. Dr_pyro

    Hey! looking for a friend

    my name is wolfie. i joined yesterday and am really new to the furry fandom. im looking for teens out there like me who loves the same stuff i do! :D im a little unfimiliar with everything but ive seen the art on the main site and im just loveing it ive also met a few people. but not many. im...