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    FA out again

    Hey it's midnight.. you should be curled up and asleep
  2. Dragon-lover

    Looking for an old trance song.. 90s-00s

    ...I listened to 100s of random Trance/techno top 10 lists on youtube.. and alas 5mins ago.. I FOUND IT!!!!! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oF-ojEjFkRM&feature=related
  3. Dragon-lover

    Looking for an old trance song.. 90s-00s

    Really?... Nobody's heard or seen it?... *Screams and huffs in frustration*
  4. Dragon-lover

    Looking for an old trance song.. 90s-00s

    Please.. I've been searching on and off for months now.. *cries*...I don't even care about the song anymore.. I just wanna find it so I can prove to myself that it exists.. Hahaha.. All I have is what I can remember.. and it's just that the music video for it had a woman cooking a...
  5. Dragon-lover

    5 sketches for 5 people with a catch

    Myself [http://www.furaffinity.net/view/1459577/] and the verb is SCIENCE!!!... *laughs evilly*
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    I's got tablet! 8DDD

    Draw me if you wish mate.. http://www.furaffinity.net/view/1459577/
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    100 Themes/50 Days

    18!... that's me Hahaha.. (REF) http://www.furaffinity.net/view/1459577/
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    5 USD Chibi Sketch friday!

    Awww.. they're really cute.. *thinks about getting one*
  9. Dragon-lover

    No so young furries

    16 is the age of consent Where I'm from.. *Hands you a plane ticket that has pictures of Kangaroos on it.. and my address scribbled on the Back* Oh and as for my own Age.. I'm 21.. Not old in any sense of the word, But it's all down Hill from here.. :(
  10. Dragon-lover

    NASA Bombs The Moon

    And even then... It'd need to be a BBBIIIGGG!!! Nuke...
  11. Dragon-lover

    NASA Bombs The Moon

    Yeah... Looking at the size of some of the craters.. it's safe to recon that the "MOON" can take a sh*t load of punishment.. before anything goes wrong...
  12. Dragon-lover


    I watched this as it happened the other night... And I'm really sick of the back and forward flame wars that it's causing on the news and on forums, It's been totally taken out of the context it was in.. As an Australian I found it to be quite well done... It was funny-ish and also I shout...
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    Flight 815

    Guys.. Where are we?.. *echo's around the empty thread*
  14. Dragon-lover

    Memories (WIP)

    Thanks for your comments mate.. I'll take them all on board when I sit down and start writing again tonight. I was wondering how a reader would view Jacks flashbacks
  15. Dragon-lover

    Flight 815

    Oh my God... LOST LOST LOST LOST... I'm gonna die if season 6 doesn't hurry up and start... I've wasted 5 years watching you BEN... Now give me the DAMN ANSWERS so I can finally return to my Grave and sleep peacefully... BLACKSMOKE!!!! .. *Cough*.. Sorry that happens every few minutes Oh...