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    Dude, you've been online here heaps since I sent you those pm's, do you have a verdict on them yet?
    Deleted member 82554
    I checked my FA notes and there's no indication of me sending a trouble ticket, but I know I sent one the proper way. I also sent you a PM about it a while back.
    I checked the two accounts which cross reference with your forum account and see one from two years ago. It may be worth resubmitted the ticket.
    Deleted member 82554
    Did it get thrown out or maybe tampered with?
    Hi. Thanks for the help earlier. I read the rules and want to get approval for a post incase I make a mistake and it gets taken down.
    I'm archiving art of the late artist JasenTamiia in memory. Cus his site has been taken down alot of his art is lost. I want to post a list of the comics missing pages to reach out to people who have connections or saved pages, despite the slim chance.
    All good?
    Heya, I just wanted to let you know I recently emailed the deleteme@furaffinity.net email about an update for my account deletion, but decided to just keep it inactive, incase I decide to use the account again. You can ignore that email, sorry if I caused any confusion x3
    Can't log in here on other phone, why?
    Hi Dragoneer,

    I don't know if this is relevant to the outage on the site, but last week when we were having our computer serviced, the tech found a fake blockchain website on it with the address (www.furaffinity.net) I wanted to mention this to you in case it has anything to do with the outage. Please NO ONE CLICK ON THAT LINK!!! I put it there for reference only for the admins!
    Niru the Husky
    Niru the Husky
    Why don't post it in a conv. ? It is so tempting to click on the link xD
    Excuse me, I need to discuss deleting my account as I have made a new one with my desired username and I don't have the password to my old email I used to make the account so this is the last place I could turn to get that done. So I was wondering if you could delete my account so I can get a fresh start on my new one?
    Hi, last week I sent a message for placing and ad whitin FA site using the advertising mail provided at the site. I know you are busy and your inbox may be flooding, so take it as a friendly bump or reminder,
    as I have everything ready for setting all up faster for making less fuss for you. Thanks you and I hope to hear back from you.
    Dragoneer when you will upgrade the keyword block and make the block better like facebook? The furaffinity block is more like a mute and should be like a twitter block.
    Dragoneer will you plan to upgrade your website to a professional art site like commss.io and other?
    Happy New Year Stranger!!
    Hey Dragoneer! Since your a mod here I was wondering if you could lock and delete my threads " Tumblr and Kin" and my one about species off-brands I cant think of the title off the top of my head. They were really just structured ranting and are no longer desired
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