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  • Hi, last week I sent a message for placing and ad whitin FA site using the advertising mail provided at the site. I know you are busy and your inbox may be flooding, so take it as a friendly bump or reminder,
    as I have everything ready for setting all up faster for making less fuss for you. Thanks you and I hope to hear back from you.
    Dragoneer when you will upgrade the keyword block and make the block better like facebook? The furaffinity block is more like a mute and should be like a twitter block.
    Dragoneer will you plan to upgrade your website to a professional art site like commss.io and other?
    Happy New Year Stranger!!
    Hey Dragoneer! Since your a mod here I was wondering if you could lock and delete my threads " Tumblr and Kin" and my one about species off-brands I cant think of the title off the top of my head. They were really just structured ranting and are no longer desired
    Hey Drago.

    I`ve been thinking about something with my FA account. I dont really like having my actual name as the user id ( i know, should have gone with something else ). One option could be to make a new user and name it correctly.

    I just want to know if its possible to get my current FA account user id changed completely to a less identity revealing name?

    If it is, then`d i`d be very grateful for the help.
    Greetings, I'd like to do the same as Vayhn below if you have time, my alias currently on the main website shows up internally when using :icon: tags- I've had a problem with the alias in the past and would like to change the internal name to EXOBIOTA if I can.

    Thank you for your time.
    Sorry to bother a busy admin like yourself - I was wondering if you could help me change my username on mainsite? The current user I have I discovered can get me into some legal trouble due to some shared branding name. So id like to change my username from Blacklain on Furaffinity to something else- already have a user picked just not sharing here yet since this is public and dont want it stolen
    Dragoneer, thank you so much for being on FA! You stay regularly engaged with the community, and are prompt with responses! You, sir, are a gift!
    Hey I am sorry to bother you but my birtday in my profile is wrong and I dont know why. Its says 29.05.2005 but my real birthday is 29.05.1998. Can you please change it. <3

    Best regards

    There's something wrong with tagging on the forum, not receiving alerts. Please look into this.
    Hi Dragoneer,
    I've never actually said hello to you in all the 5 small years I have been in this fandom (how rude of me).
    You do a great job at maintaing such a large community of users on FA and FAF. You take a lot of sh*t from people and yet you still stand strong. *high five*
    i appreciate your work on the fur-ums. im trying to find out by reading threads what the qualities for a good mod is here (many perspectives, no objective way). anyway just wanted to say balance is hard and communication on the internet is confusing but i think your work helps so thank you . hearts <3
    Just letting you know there is still a login issue with Chrome for Android, and I've tried clearing my cache, cookies and site data. Doesn't seem to be an issue for Mozilla.
    Would it at all be possible for you to remove the "1" from my username? I realize such is a silly request but its always been really redundant.
    I can do that, yes. Just respond to this comment that you acknowledge I'm going to remove the "1". It'll change your login name as well so I want to verify you're aware I'm doing it BEFORE I do it.
    I acknowledge you're going to remove the "1".
    Hey can you please delete my account completely 100% and can you please do it as fast as possible(including the account here and on furiffanity).
    Why? Did sombody find out where u live or something?
    Hey neer. There has been a bit of controversy over the lack of forum staff lately, do you think you can do something about that? Personally I don't have much steak in the matter but others can benefit for having more active staff.
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