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  1. Drayx

    Long time wallflower, first time poster

    Hi there! Welcome! Any specific interests? feel free to share your art :)
  2. Drayx

    My furry art!

    Welcome to DA. I like your style. Very vibrant! Hope to see more of your art.
  3. Drayx

    Seeking: Artist for Bunny Girl OC

    I always love drawing bunnies. I would like to draw yours:
  4. Drayx

    Drawing With or Without References?

    Each artist has his own comfort-zone of using references and other materials. In the end you'll find the right balance for your drawings. But from my perspective - every artists who strives to improve needs a challenge - and refs, can be part of it. As some artist on Youtube said - only drawing...
  5. Drayx

    2 Jobs: 1 Character Reference Sheet and Gift for Friend

    I would like to work on your unrealised character. For the first option: with this budget, I can provide you one good looking art or a collection of sketches (pencil or digital)
  6. Drayx

    First artwork here

    It looks really good! I like the coloring, details and dark atmosphere.
  7. Drayx

    Up to $30 for NSFW Mech bits doodles/sketches

    I like your tale, and the idea of getting candy bars :) Anyway, I would love to do some pencil or digital sketching. As for robots... here is an example (it was done years ago): And for some more recent art: You are welcome to ask any question that you have if you find it relevant.
  8. Drayx

    Reference sheet

    I would love to help visualizing your character. What style and which species do you have in mind? Please check my gallery if you find it relevant:
  9. Drayx

    Looking for Tasteful Pinup of Hybrid Character

    I would love to make her into a snake or a scorpion (just my personal interest, I'm fine with any other animal type). For 30$ I would do a base lineart and coloring, for more in-depth shading the price would go a bit higher.
  10. Drayx

    Hiya there!

    Hi Savannah (or Cottonkins?) - welcome to the forum. I hope you'll have a good time here. Do you plan to draw your fursonas? What are they? And please don't underestimate yourself! Just draw and publish and communicate - and you'll get some positive responses from the people around here ;)
  11. Drayx

    Yo, it's the new guy.

    Hey Duke! Welcome to the community! I hope you'll have a nice time here. What is your drawing style? Any favorite characters or sources of inspiration? Digital, traditional? Remember you can get help in the forum, or at least a lot of confusing advice :)
  12. Drayx

    Howdy, I'm Dork, an Artist

    Nice to meet you! What do you usually draw? Do you have a gallery or an account on FA?
  13. Drayx

    What inspires you to draw?

    I was going to say 'how Lovecraftian', but on second thought it is more Poe-like :)
  14. Drayx

    New Here + Some Artworks

    Thank you :} Good luck on FA! Keep updating your gallery :) - what about more old drawings if you don't have new ones? What are your fav video games?
  15. Drayx

    New Here + Some Artworks

    Hi, Welcome to the forum! Hope you'll like it here. You have some interesting and cute characters :) Do you have an updated gallery on FA?