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Well, hi! Either intentionally or accidentally, you've just stumbled upon my FAF page!

Unfortunately, I don't use this site now. But you can find me on the Phoenixed forums with all the old regulars at phoenix.corvidae.org

Old profile description:

I spend a lot of my time online, whether that's browsing the web, playing Steam games, or whatever else. If I seem like the sorta guy you want to talk to, you can go ahead and add me, send me a PM, or whatever.

This is my Steam. You can go ahead and add me on it, but PM me and tell me who you are first. I have a tendency to ignore requests from people I don't recognise in case they are bots.
Steam Community :: MrDoctorMan

Oh yeah, same goes for Skype too; message me first so I know you're not a robot.

Film-making, PC gaming, Pokemon, talking to strangers on the internet.
Jun 12, 1998 (Age: 24)
Warwickshire, UK
Fur Affinity Page
Science Dingo
Steam ID
STEAM_0:1:41483568 or 76561198043232865 or MrDoctorMan




Go and stalk me on my Steam page
Normally I'd ask you to PM me first, but screw it. You can just add me.


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