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    Welp, the forum is back

    All is lost Abandon ship Make for Phoenixed
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    Welp, the forum is back

    They got rid of R&R? Oh dear, they did. Explains my reduced post count. FAF without R&R is like eating dry toast. Needs some butter.
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    Welp, the forum is back

    So, I just found out this place is back. Huh. It's nice to see my posts haven't been deleted (well, most of 'em), but I reckon I'll be staying on at Phoenixed. And you know, we always appreciate anyone who wants to join in and keep the community going strong. (: phoenix.corvidae.org: The...
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    If you guys want me, I'm on phoenix.corvidae.org with all the others.

    If you guys want me, I'm on phoenix.corvidae.org with all the others.
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    You kids and your emoticons!

    ;w; is crying. Just like how ;n; is sad-crying and ;u; is happy-crying, ;w; is just.. weird 'cute' furry happy/sad crying.
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    Most of the "annoying", "stereotypical" traits of furries...

    I'm gonna be honest for a second here. I've never actually seen anyone ever get picked on for being a nerd. Like, ever. Nerds are smart. Hell, at school I became known as the little nerdy kid who even the most physical and rough of people would just leave alone. Picking on the small guy makes...
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    Most of the "annoying", "stereotypical" traits of furries...

    Being whiny, dramatic and weird is probably proportionally more frequent inside the fandom than what you'd get with a bunch of regular Joes. And naturally, if you have a label to stick onto the annoyance, it's gonna stay in your mind when you see such types in the future. Life's just too short...
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    What if we archived the entirety of FAF into a book

    Whatever it might end up as, I'd read that. You can learn a lot about people from all their posts, threads and whatever. Hell, most of the regulars of this site have so many posts with so much personality to them, you could probably even make goddamn AIs out of them. That'd be freaky
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    Post where we can find you outside of FAF

    Weasyl: https://www.weasyl.com/~drdingo Weasyl forums: *https://forums.weasyl.com/vbulletin/member.php?5273-DrDingo Steam: *http://steamcommunity.com/id/mrdoctorman/ Skype: MrDoctorManSkype
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    The fact that he's not interested in buying immediately and is looking towards the future. So that nobody gets the wrong idea and expects he needs a car in, say, 2 weeks for a job.
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    The Hearthstone Thread

    Damn, I hate those watcher things. They mess with the whole Hunter "attack the hero's face and never stop until you win" strategy. And using your life tap over and over to boost it was diabolical. But I'm okay with that. 2 wins, 2 losses. We're even, bub. C:<
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    Greetings and the like

    Hey! Welcome to the forums, expensive gamer pigeon fox man!
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    Why do we commission other artists?

    It's pretty neat to see your own character come to life in whatever style the other artist uses. See this avatar of mine? It was drawn in a style that the artist was experimenting with, and to see the final result was pretty damn cool and different. In the geekiest way possible, it feels kinda...
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    The Importance of friendship?

    This is a really nice idea for a thread. I'm not an unpopular guy offline or anything, but both online and off I really greatly appreciate the company of others. I feel like I'd be lost without friends. They keep me motivated and happy.
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    Hey, My name's Ricky!

    Hey, Ricky! Welcome to this place.