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  1. Dread Husky

    New ref sheet

    Gonna leave this up until next Friday so keep posting if you guys are interested. c:
  2. Dread Husky

    Monster energy drinks, FTW!

    I mostly drink Amp (like the lemonade and cherry for taste, caffeine doesn't have much effect), but Monster isn't too bad either. I especially like the Khaos flavor. <3
  3. Dread Husky

    New ref sheet

    No, no, i'm not changing my species again. But Dread just doesn't feel...dreaddy enough the way she is. So i'm giving in to the call of the barghest! In other words I want a new husky fursona that is completely black. Already picked out the shades: Bad attempt at how I want the paw pads but...
  4. Dread Husky

    Toony suits VS. Realistic suits

    I do prefer realistic suits, even ones with the moving jaws, taxidermy eyes, electronics, and jaws/teeth/tongue sets. To me the more realistic the better. But yeah, they might scare the little kids so go with toony. And I remember that Skittles suit and the journal/videos. :c *shudders*
  5. Dread Husky

    The Closest To a Real Dinosaur You'll See!

    Pfft, with the legs sticking out like that they just don't look right. ;[ They could have used digitigrade leg stilts inside the legs or something. Still wicked suits though.
  6. Dread Husky

    A Dog's Greeting!

    Welcome to FAF! Macros are cool, I thought about making a character of one just for rampaging fun. Hope you like it here but just be mindful of us tiny critters. c:
  7. Dread Husky

    Delete my account pls

    Agreed. Gosh, why do you people always want your account to get banned/deleted/locked/whatever for you to leave?
  8. Dread Husky

    Lo! Here be Skaskali, bringer of pain.

    Purple ftw! Anyway, welcome to FAF. c:
  9. Dread Husky

    Dread Husky

    Ah, 100% then since she's supposed to represent me, but I might end up changing my species again. :x
  10. Dread Husky

    Newb or n00b? You decide...

    Welcome to FAF. Are you any specific type of shark? Like a tiger, great white, etc. c:
  11. Dread Husky

    fursuit commission AUCTION!!!

    Just an idea but you might want to post some examples of your previous works (if you have any) so people know what style they can expect. c:
  12. Dread Husky

    Dread Husky

    Like what do you mean by little details? c:
  13. Dread Husky

    its that tiem of year again =D

    ICP eh? Would you happen to be a Juggalo, OP? c:
  14. Dread Husky

    Dread Husky

    I may change this around or add some things as I see fit but so far it's good for now... Name: Dread Husky Nicknames: Dread, Husky, DH, Gothy Age: 21 D.O.B: July 12, 1989 Signs: Cancer and Snake Height: 5'4" Weight/build: Around 150-160/a few extra pounds (plantigrade legs/feet) Appearance: See...
  15. Dread Husky

    I'm so new, I don't even know what I am!

    Welcome to FAF. As it's been said, just find animals you like or that you feel you can relate to and go from there. But if you do go with the wolgon/whatever, please, for the sake of all that is evil and fluffy, do not say that you chose a wolf because you're a 'loner' or something like that. We...