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  • Hmm... That's strange! I've never gone on there. I've been thinking of checking it out though.
    lol, i feel ya. im promised 2 gbps, i have 100 mbps. that and fucktard here is live streaming.
    Oh, this one I wouldn't know exactly, though I guess it's somehow relared to "Aristócrates".

    As far as I'm concerned, Ariosto was Italian and one of Reinassance's most prominent and influential poets. Also, I haven't read a single thing by him, but don't be surprised if his name comes up in a discussion of literature from the Golden Centhury.

    I just chose it because I like the name, the combination of the simple /r/ and the /s/ is music to my eyes. If I were to change it again, I'd use another word/name with that combination, such as "Ruiseñor" (Spanish for "Nightingale").
    Heh, yeah I'm very busy. Nearing the end of my senior year and I'm playing a main role in a play, which has kept me plenty busy so I only get in a few posts a day.
    Every time I see your avatar it reminds me that Phil Hartman is dead. :c
    Damn cows, they don't moo as much when they are steak. Try making them into steaks, I find them much easier to deal with and less sexually active as steak.
    Yup its a cheeky little airport that has mostly leer jets and single engine planes. Though they are just as loud. As for your parents they must be terribly light sleepers if they can be woken up by cows and sheep. Unless the cows are playing dubstep... That happens from time to time.
    I've been there and done that before. Although we live close to an airport so not a whole lot of things wake people up in my house. Ramen for the win!
    Tis alright. It happens to the best of us. So how are you this (insert timezone appropriate setting here)?
    YES IT IS.

    "Gibby" is such a unisex name ;n; AM I NOT MANLY ENOUGH

    Though when I was new, a lot of people thought I was female o:
    "infractions points", you get them for breaking the rules. Reaching a set number earns you an automatic ban. This is all explained in the forum rules you were supposed to read. Seriously you've been registered for 2 and a half years and didn't know this?
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